No Pets Allowed? No Problem!
21 April, 2017

Guest Blog by: Sammi Gebhardt of Petsies

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere only to be deterred by the words “No Pets Allowed”? For pet owners, these words can be the reason to avoid a place altogether. It can be hard to find restaurants, hotels, or stores that will allow your furry friends.

Although more places seem to be opening their doors to our pets, there are still an overwhelming large number of businesses who do not allow animals. For those of you who still want to have a piece of your pet with you, here are a few ideas to that connection with your pet, even if they aren’t physically there.

5 Ways to have your pet with you when they can’t actually be ‘with’ you :

1. Matching Pet Collar & Bracelet

The Friendship Collar is a new trend where you can get a collar for your pet along with a matching bracelet for yourself. This is essentially a friendship bracelet for your pet! Who doesn’t want to match their best friend? The bond between a person and their pet is undeniable, and a matching accessory is a cute and fun way to always be connected to their pet.

2. Pet Keychain

For someone who may not like to accessorize with a bracelet, there are also customized pet keychains! You are likely to have a set of keys with you at all times, so a pet keychain will always be nearby. With keychains you have many options: get a photo of your pet added to a keychain, their name on a bone pendant, or a cartoonized version of your pet’s breed. There is bound to be an option that any pet owner can find appealing!

3. Shirts with a picture of your pet

There are many sites that will take a photo of your pet and turns it into a piece of pop art! They will put a photo of your pet on a shirt, a canvas, or even a calendar. There are so many businesses that sell pet shirts, but how much more special to have a shirt with your own pet on it. One example is Pop Your Pup which will take any pet and turn it into a fun and memorable, and even wearable, art piece.

pet pop

4. Pet Tattoo

Instead of a physical memento of your pet, some people choose to take their bond with their pet to the next level by getting their pet tattooed onto them. If you see your pet as another member of the family, then getting a customized tattoo in their honor may be an option for you. There are different options when getting a tattoo of a pet. You could get something small such as a pawprint or their name, or even as extreme as a portrait of your pet. With a tattoo, you truly always will have your pet with you.

5. Custom Pet Plush

A final idea to keep your pet with you is to get a custom stuffed animal made to look like it. Certain websites such as Petsies will make a plush lookalike for you! This is a great idea for teenagers going off to college who will be without their family pet, or for people who miss their pet while working at the office. They are also great for small children who want to cuddle their pet at night.

There are such a variety of pet products on the market, but these are perfect options for animal lovers who are not ready to be without their pet completely. Maybe one day all businesses will be pet friendly, but until that day comes, one of these products should be a great solution.

Sammi Gebhardt is a blogger for Petsies who believes that just about anything you do in life is better with a pet. She loves to find fun, cute stories and share them with the world. She is very extroverted, and believes that a smile is the cutest thing you can wear. You will always find her with an iced coffee in one hand and my iPhone in the other.

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