Orange Tabby Cats Love Their Food
15 May, 2012

My cat, Sammy, is a fifteen-year old Orange Tabby cat, who loves to eat everything.  I know most cats are finicky so I wanted to find out if Sammy is just one of a kind or if it is inherent in his genetics.  Do other cats eat everything that is put in front of them?

Orange Tabby cat bodies

We all know that our orange tabby cats have either an orange, cream or reddish background in their fur. Their color intensity can be as varied as our human hair.   They also tend to have little black speckles that we humans call freckles.

Orange Tabby cat weight issues

As it turns out, Orange Tabby cats love to eat AND tend to be overweight.  I had to put Sammy on a diet at about two years old.  Ever since I have monitored his food, he has kept his weight off and is as active and healthy as ever.  Right now, I have him on a Halo Pet Cat Food… and he loves it.   Check out this video below:


Mix up the wet and dry food

I have learned that a mix of both wet and dry food keeps the Orange Tabbies from overeating.  I give Sammy a third of a can of wet food in the morning (which he gobbles up in three minutes) and a little dry food during the day.   Unlike other cats, I can not leave a full bowl of dry food or he will eat it all in one sitting.

Buy a high quality, nutritious cat food

I have always spent the money to give Sammy, the orange tabby, a nutritious high-fiber food.  While it is a little more money up front, it will help keep the weight off your Orange Tabby and he or she will be healthier in the long run (think fewer visits to your vet!).   I, personally, eat a healthy diet to keep fit so why wouldn’t I do the same for my beloved Sammy?

Give your cat plenty of water

Make sure to give your Orange Tabby plenty of water so he or she keeps hydrated.  Again, like humans, Orange Tabbies need water especially if they are consuming a high fiber cat food.

Play and/or exercise your cat

As with all cats, it is important that they keep active.  I usually throw a toy mouse around with Sammy for him to fetch.  There are a variety of toys on the market that you can tempt your cat with to get them active.  Try catnip to get your cat up and running!  Even at fifteen, my Orange Tabby loves to run around and play with toys.

It really is pretty basic.  If you monitor your Orange Tabby’s food and make sure he or she is active, your beloved cat should keep the weight off and live for a very long time.

Come and join, Sammy, the site administrator for, and he will be your first friend!

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