Orange Tabby Cats…Have More Fun!
31 October, 2011

When I first adopted Sammy, my adorable orange and white tabby, I did so because I thought he was the cutest.  But, little did I know that he would have the funniest disposition.   He can be sneaky, funny, a trickster and then so lovable.  I have met other orange tabby cat owners and they have had a similar experience. These guys are special!

When it comes to personality in cats, anyone who has ever owned a cat will tell you that each cat definitely has a unique personality.  Having owned and known several different cats, I can personally say that different breeds have different personalities.   For example, most Siamese and Burmese cats will generally have a standoffish disposition.  A Persian cat will generally be a loner with tendencies toward being aggressive.  The most interesting personality I have ever experienced has to come from the orange Tabby cat.

With such a sweet disposition, Orange Tabby’s quickly became my favorite type of cat. I have never ever met an Orange tabby that I did not like.  And, Sammy, in particular, is like a dog and likes to be wherever I am.  He follows me around the house, opens the door to my bedroom, fetches and tries his best to participate in my activities.  He loves to sleep in my towels, when I do laundry…


Just try to fold these towels!

…and if I want to read the newspaper (yes, I still read the actual newspaper), he joins me in his way.

This is how I read the paper.

With either an orange, cream or reddish background in their fur the hairs are often tri-colored and varied. It can appear as if they have stripes or they can appear to be solid orange, red or even cream with very light markings. The color intensity can be as varied as our human hair.  Check out Sammy’s cute striped tail!

Common markings on any “Tabby” cat are thin pencil lines on the face and a classic “M” on the forehead between the eyes. In addition, another common trait in markings on Orange Tabby’s is little black speckle spots on the nose, and lips. These are simply genetic markings that we humans would call freckles. If you are uncertain if these spots are freckles or not, always check with your veterinarian.

I am a huge fan of the orange tabby cat and know I’m not alone in this fan base.  Sammy will always have a huge space in my heart, a place on my bed and be your number one friend on!

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