Owning a Pet Provides Many Health Benefits
13 August, 2012

Did you know that owning a pet not only adds a great new family member to your household, but that pet ownership also provides some wonderful health benefits?   Just think about it.   Owning a pet can help us become more active, decrease health problems and take our mind off the other things in life that cause us stress.

Below are the different ways that pets can help us become even healthier!

Pets increase your activity/ exercise

Just merely owing a pet will increase your activity and exercise.  If you play with your cat and/or walk your dog, you will increase your exercise that normally might not happen without a pet.  Dog owners who walk their dogs tend to be more consistent about getting regular exercise and improve their fitness levels.

Pets can lower depression and blood pressure

Owning a pet can be beneficial for people who suffer from depression because pets offer comfort and love.   How can you not smile at your adorable pet?  Further, simply the responsibility of taking care of a pet can keep us busy with simple tasks and distract us from the things that might bother us. Pets need care and attention and that can help us feel needed and valuable.


If you own a pet, they can also help lower the risk of high blood pressure or even heart attacks.  When you own a pet, you need to focus on all the tasks of taking care of your pet when you are at home. You might not worry about work for some time because your dog needs to take a walk or your cat is sitting on your lap purring. Affection and loyalty from pets can help reduce tension and increase relaxation.

Pets can actually Help you Reduce your Allergies

It used to be thought that owing a pet could increase allergies, but several studies have shown that being exposed to pets as a child decreases the risk of allergies. Kids who grow up with a pet are exposed to more foreign entities in the air and their bodies develop stronger immunities to things that could cause an allergic reaction. Basically, exposure to various germs helps people create defenses against them, so try to not go overboard with a germ free home.

Pets increase our Social Interaction

If you have a dog, you will take him or her on a walk, to the dog park and invariably will end up talking to other pet owners or people who are curious about your pet.   A stranger might ask to pet your dog, about the breed, or just make eye contact. Social interaction can improve stress management abilities. Small talk at the local dog park can help pet owners who are usually shy start conversations that they normally wouldn’t have.

If you have a cat, you could even make new friends at the pet store or wherever you buy your cat food.   Who doesn’t like to talk about their pets!

We love our pets for so many reasons and now they can even make us healthier. How wonderful is that!


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