Peace. Love. Paws. – Chic Apparel for Pet Lovers With A Giving Mission
20 April, 2015
Peace Love Paws

We pet owners’ love our pets like our children and sometimes want to show off our love in the clothes or jewelry that we wear.  However, sometimes it is difficult to find clothing or jewelry that shows our affection for our pets and is actually stylish.  Peace. Love. Paws. does just that and more!  Peace. Love. Paws. is a lifestyle apparel and gift company that offers stylish, great fitting clothing jewelry (and gifts) that you can wear to the dog park or out to dinner.

Peace. Love. Paws. donates a portion of its proceeds to rescue groups

Peace. Love. Paws. is committed to the well-being of animals and animal caregivers. A portion of retail proceeds are used to support the efforts of numerous shelters located in the United States. The love and admiration for animals is a choice and lifestyle and Peace. Love. Paws chooses to give back to those that can make the most difference.  By purchasing one of their awesome t- shirts or gifts, you can feel great that you are helping a rescue group or organization and look great too!

Peace. Love. Paws offers a fabulous line of different apparel and gifts.

Peace. Love. Paws. offers great t-shirts that are fun, stylish and loose fitting creating a chic look.  One of their latest, the True Love Dolman t-shirt, is a fashion statement with its loose fitting collar that can be worn on and off the shoulders.

Peace Love Paws

Peace. Love. Paws. also has great tote bags, scarves, gift cards and their latest addition, an adorable “Mutts Have More Fun” car magnet with all the proceeds go back to the Humane Society of the Nature Coast of Brooksville, Florida.  How great is that!   

Peace Love Paws Product

For only $6.99, you can have this cute magnet while all proceeds go back to the Humane Society of the Nature Coast of Brooksville Florida. This rescue is a no-time limit shelter whose mission is to provide a safe haven for homeless, neglected and abused animals while promoting pet welfare and sterilization to achieve a no-kill society.  The Nature Coast organization does not get funded through the state or government, nor through the Humane Societies of the United States. Operations are completely funded through donations and events from caring individuals as yourself.

Peace. Love. Paws. lives by three very simples rules that we can all learn from:

1. Be kind to one another.

2. Do the best you can.

3. Hug your pet daily.

If we all would just take heed of their great advice, the world would be a better, peaceful place.

Peace. Love. Paws is the creation of founder, Alissa Gander

Alissa Gander grew up in Wisconsin Dells – a central Wisconsin rural town that serves as the tourism capitol of Wisconsin. Alissa graduated from Edgewood College in nearby Madison with a Business Management degree. While attending college, Alissa owned and operated an animal hospital and pet resort where her passion for animals grew. She has loved and been moved by so many different species of pets.

Peace. Love. Paws. creation began with Alissa trying to explain what it felt like to love and be loved by an animal. She kept coming back to PEACE. To share a unifying bond with an animal is a sense of ultimate PEACE.   Alissa wanted to show her love for animals through apparel and gifts. She felt there was a need for high quality and versatile apparel in the pet industry.

Peace. Love. Cause assist shelters and rescues

Peace. Love. Cause. assists shelters and rescues which is very important to their mission.  They give rescues a chance to raise funds through their website and promote their organization nation-wide.  

In February, Peace. Love. Paws traveled to South Africa and visited the TEARS Foundation. Alissa Gander spent time learning about the amazing shelter and how they operate in South Africa. TEARS is a pro-life sanctuary where their main goal is to help animals in need as well as educate the community on treatment of animals.  In December, Peace. Love. Paws donated a portion of their funds to this great foundation.

There are so many reasons to shop at Peace Love. Paws.  Their clothes are stylish, they have great gift cards and jewelry, and you will feel great and peaceful to be part of their lifestyle and share their mission.  Go to and buy something great today.  You will be happy you did and look great too! 





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