Pet Gotcha Day!™ Makes Pet Adoption More Real With Video!
16 August, 2017

If you are looking to bring a dog, cat or even guinea pig to your home, adopting a pet is the way to go.    There are so many pets that need homes that it seems wrong to even go the breeder route when bringing a new pet home.  In fact, adoption saves lives with every single dog or cat that you decide to add to your family.

There are so many pets that need homes!

If the pets that are in shelters are not adopted, the only other choice is to euthanize them.  The number of euthanized animals could be reduced dramatically if more people adopted pets instead of buying them. By adopting from a rescue group or animal shelter, you can help save the lives of two animals: the pet you choose to adopt and the space left for another homeless or abandoned dog, cat or rabbit to bring home.

When adopting a pet, you can actually save money!

By adopting a pet, you will feel great about saving the life of a pet and can save some money in the process.  Most of the pets are already vaccinated and if adopting a little older, even spayed or neutered.  So you get a cat or dog that is calmer and you don’t even have to spay or neuter your pet when bringing him or her home.

When adopting, it’s important to make sure to get the right pet for your family

When you want to adopt a dog or cat to bring into your home, you and the shelter want it to be the right fit for all.  And where do you start?  You can go drive to a shelter or rescue group to see what pets are available.  But that can be time-consuming.   Or you can also go to the website of the different rescue groups to see what cats or dogs are available. But, it can be difficult to tell from a photo what the pets are like and you don’t get a sense of their personalities.    Now a new website called Pet Gotcha Day!™ completely changes that.

Meet Cosmo: one of the many pets up for adoption! Click on his picture to see how great the 360- degree video is:

cosmo pic2

Pet Gotcha Day!™ uses 360-degree video to see the pets up for adoption and their personalities

Pet Gotcha Day!™ (Growing Ownership Through Connecting Humans and Animals), a recent start-up, came up with the brilliant concept to use 360° videos to bring adoptable pets to life.  It is a great way for shelters to showcase their pets on its platform.  The shelter volunteers shoot the videos since they are already familiar and comfortable with the animals and they provide the volunteers with 360° video-enabled cameras if the shelter or volunteer doesn’t have one.

With video, you actually feel as if you are playing with the pet right at the shelter

If you want to adopt a pet, you can see the video along with the pet’s and shelter’s information, on the   Pet Gotcha Day!™ platform that is accessible via both mobile and desktop.  It really is like one stop shopping with multiple shelters showcasing their furry pets all in fully immersive 360-degree video.  Pets up for adoption get their own photo shoot with a special 360-degree camera. And you feel like you are right there with the pet and get a real sense of the pet’s personality.  You can see every pet virtually and, if you have a pair of virtual reality glasses, you really get the feeling of being there! It will feel like you can reach out and touch the pet or even chase them around your living room.

It is free for pet shelters to put their pets onto the Pet Gotcha Day!™ Day platform.

At this time, they are actively working with 11 shelters & rescues throughout Illinois & California.  New shelters & rescues are joining weekly.  Pet Gotcha Day!™ plans to feature pets nationwide within the next six months.   Although 360 video is the preference, they do accept and showcase standard videos as well.

The site is completely self-funded and the founder, Erica Bishaf, is currently the only team member having outsourced web development & social marketing assistance.  Quite the accomplishment!

Adopting a pet in any way, shape or form is great and the only way to bring a pet home.  And with Pet Gotcha Day!™ you are one step closer to really finding that perfect new furry family member.  Take a look at their site to find a pet for you or for your rescue group or shelter to join them:  Pet Gotcha Day!™

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