Pet Portables EGO (Emergency to Go) Pouch – Every Pet Owner Should Have One!
2 February, 2015
Portables EGO

We love our pets like our children and want them to stay fit and live a long, active, happy life.  We take them with us when we run, hike and on day and road trips.  When we are out, we want to make sure we have the right leash, treats and care for them on the road.  And, sometimes, our pets can get hurt or injured when we are away and need to be tended to immediately.  Well, Pet Portables EGO Pouch is the answer to your pet’s immediate care and safety!

What is Pet Portables EGO Pouch?

Pet Portables EGO Pouch is the newest product from the fabulous Pet Portables.  They have taken their original first aid kit and downsized it to fit in a pouch.  The Pouch can be easily be clipped on to a leash, belt loop or backpack and still has everything you need for immediate care. There’s plenty of room for a roll of pick up bags, tissue and even your keys.

Pet Portables EGO Pouch is extremely durable and its contents are human grade so they’re safe for both you and your pet. The pouch comes in 3 fabulous colors: Camouflage, Neon Orange, and Royal Blue.   Pet Portables EGO Pouch is so well designed that it won the 2014 Editor’s Choice Award from Pet Products News International!

 Portables EGO

Pet Portables EGO Pouch has all the first aid supplies at your disposal

Pet Portables EGO Pouch has a great first aid kit that includes the following: the original sturdy PVC backed polyester pouch (3 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ x 2″) with zipper closure and clip ; 2 2”x2” gauze pads (apply to wounds) ; 2 antiseptic towelettes (clean wound/hands); 1 insect sting wipe (apply to insect bites/stings) 1 iodine wipe (sterilization); 1 certisporane (antibiotic cream); 1 1” x 5 yd. coflex (secure bandage) and 1 plastic tweezer (splinter/tick removal). 

Pet Portables EGO Pouch fits right on your pet’s collar

Pet Portables EGO Pouch can clip on your pet’s leash, your belt or even your backpack.  It’s important to have all the supplies when you are out on your hikes or on the road.  Our dogs like to explore everything and now you can feel comfortable that you have the right supplies if they get hurt, cut or bit by an insect with an EGO Pouch by your side.

Portables EGO Picture


Pet Portables also makes a great first aid kit to keep at home

Every parent knows that it is important to have a first aid kit at home for our kids and Pet Portables has made one for our fur kids.  Our cats and dogs love to get into trouble and can get hurt at home also and we don’t want to run to the Vet every time they do!  By having your own first aid kit at home with items ranging from styptic power to scissors to antiseptic towels, you can attend to your pets’ minor injuries right away!

Pet Portables’ Mission

Pet Portables has teamed up with St. George Industries, (a disabled veteran run business) and Show-Me Animal Products who provide employment for people with developmental disabilities, to make this new product. It’s a winning combination which proudly supports “made in the U.S.A.”

Make sure you are prepared on your next trip or outing with your pets and buy the wonderful Pets Portable EGO Pouch today!  You and your pet(s) will be happy you did.  You can find them at:





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