Petpav’s Holiday Gift Guide – The Must-Have Gifts for Your Pets!
10 November, 2016

The holidays are practically here and what better time to buy some presents for our fur kids. After all, they bring us so much joy and love and should be included in the holiday gift giving!  We put together a list of our favorite treats, toys, grooming products and fun items that are a must- have for your dogs and cats this holiday season.

Petpav’s Holiday Gift Guide recommendations for your fur-kids this season that will make you and them happy! (in no particular order) :

The QuickSnap™ Replaceable Cat Scratcher – Every Feline Home Should Have One!


The QuickSnap™ Replaceable Cat Scratcher is a new, innovative scratcher that is not only great-looking, but also has an amazing, patent-pending QuickSnap™ feature that allows cat owners to easily snap off the old worn scratching material and snap on a fresh new replacement!   The fabulous pads come in sisal, carpet, and seagrass, which are extremely appealing to our cats for scratching.  This modern-looking scratcher also has a hammock underneath where your cats can hang out!  A great holiday gift for your feline friends.. you can find them at: Feline Innovations!

The BendiBrush from Anipure Pet Products



The BendiBrush from Anipure Pet Products is a fabulous completely bendable grooming brush for dogs and cats.  Designed by a professional groomer in conjunction with pet owners, the bendable body and corners contour to the shape of your dog or cat’s body and is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand!   With the rounded bristle tips and multiple size bristles, this awesome brush prevents scratching and injury, helps remove knots, tangles, excess undercoat AND can be used wet or dry.  A must buy for our furry friends (and gets rid of all that excess fur)!   Make sure to get one at:  The BendiBrush

Pet Nibbles – Healthy and Hearty Treats Delivered Right to Your Door!


Pet Nibbles delivers the yummiest, most high quality treats that your dog or cat will love. With 17 different flavors, your pets will love all the variety of their treats.   Some of the different flavors are the following: apples and carrots, apples and cheddar, cheesy bits, peanut butter cookies, cinnamon and honey – all healthy with crude protein being the first ingredient and just the right amount of fat and moisture to make them healthy and hearty!  You can buy them one package at a time or through a subscription.  You can find them at: Pet Nibbles

The Smart Pet Tag™ by PetHealthLocker – A Unique ID Tag that Will Get Your Lost Pet Home Safely!


The Smart Pet Tag™ is an adorable-looking ID tag that attaches to your dog or cat’s collar.  Each dog or cat has a unique identification number and you can choose from pink or blue and two sizes: small is 7/8” and large is 1.25”.  If your pet is lost and someone finds your cat or dog, all they have to do is either scan the bar code or enter the ID number on the tag and they will find your pets’ profile and your contact information is right there in front of them.  It’s that simple! Get a Smart Pet Tag™ for your pet today!

Pawbreakers by Edible Animal Treats – Fun Catnip Balls that Your Cat Can Eat!



Pawbreakers are a fun, innovative catnip ball that your cat will go crazy for and is also edible.  Fresh, USA Grown. All-Natural Catnip, rolled up into an edible ball. It’s a toy, and a treat all in one! Pawbreakers contains NO soy, gluten, wheat, animal products or coloring and is hypoallergenic.  Pawbreakers are available in original, +Vitamins, and 100% Organic varieties.  Let’s give your cat something to meow about this holiday season!  Go to Pawbreakers and let the fun begin!

Canine Calm from Earth Heart Inc. – The Gift of “Calm” for your holiday


Earth Heart’s Canine Calm is a fabulous calming mist made with a special blend of pure essential oils that will help your dog relax during the holidays (or any time at all).  The 2oz mist is made in the USA, packaged in a BPA free container and safely diluted for use with puppies from 10 weeks old.  Simply spray your fingertips and gently massage your dog’s outer ear flaps. You can also lightly mist clothing, bedding, the room (or yourself!) as needed.  For more information on Canine Calm and other Earth Heart products, including Travel Calm, Guard Well and Buzz Guard, please visit Earth Heart !

G That’s Awesome Certified Organic Dog Shampoo- Great Shampoo And Guaranteed Skunk Odor Removal!


G That’s Awesome Certified Organic dog shampoo is a fabulous shampoo that is made with all organic ingredients and certified to USDA (human grade) standards.  This amazing shampoo will make your dog squeaky clean, while leaving your dog’s coat with a shiny, healthy glow.  This healthy shampoo is great for dogs with sensitive skin or any type of skin condition including dryness.  And G That’s Awesome Organic Dog Shampoo will get out the toughest smells from cow pies to skunk!  Their shampoo is biodegradable, eco safe and environmentally friendly.  Make sure to buy some for your home today and make your next washing experience with your pup, a great one! Go to: G That’s Awesome for the best dog shampoo!

Newflands’ Hoki Oil – A Great Tasting Omega Fatty Acid Oil That Your Cats and Dogs will Love!


newflands oil

For dogs and cats suffering from allergies, omega fatty acids can help soothe your pets’ skin and alleviate allergies. Adding omega fatty acids into your pets’ diet will result in their coat becoming soft, full and luxuriously shiny and your pet’s fur will improve greatly! The fish oils helps condition the coat and prevent dryness and dandruff, while helping heal various skin conditions, all of which can soothe an itchy dog or cat!  It also helps joint support, cardiac care, cognitive function and comes in easy to use 2ml dosages.  And Newflands’ Hoki Oil is a great tasting Omega 3 Oil that your cats and dogs will ingest heartily and thrive from the benefits!  Buy some for your pet’s this holiday season !  You can find it on Amazon : Hoki Oil

Buy one or buy all and you will have one happy, healthy well-groomed pet !

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