PetWISP – The Best Broom to Get Rid of Pet Hair !
11 December, 2017
Pet wisp broom

There is nothing better than having a dog or cat as part of our family.  They provide us with so much love, companionship and joy.  But, the one thing we don’t love is how we constantly find pet hair everywhere: on the couches, our clothes, and everywhere we turn!  If this is your life, than you will be as excited as we were to find the PetWISP broom.  It is the best way to get rid of pet hair.

What is the petWISP?

The petWISP is a revolutionary one- handed broom featuring Bristle Seal® Technology that collects pet hair (and everything else) like no other pet broom you’ve used before.  What really makes this broom different is the electrostatic bristles that trap hair and fiber. The one-handed broom has thick bristles that drag directly across the floor or carpet to catch dust, pet hair, litter and whatever else your typical broom might otherwise leave behind.

The foot-operated dustpan means that you don’t need to bend over to keep it in place.  You never have to touch the broom and only slide the hair over the side of the dustpan.  Easy breezy and clean!

What makes the petWISP so unique?

Rather than sweeping with the standard side-to-side motion, this pet broom works with a push-pull action, keeping pet hair from getting in the air and circulating. It’s also equipped with short, dense 90-degree angle electrostatic bristles. And the strategically placed side combs on the WISPpan make it easy to sweep up pet hair.  It works wonders on both hard wood floor, tile AND carpet (which really impressed us!)


Pet Hair all over your car?  The mini petWISP is perfect for that!

The miniWISP, features the same electrostatic bristles in a smaller, hand-sized design.  It is great for cleaning up pet hair off your furniture or even cleaning up litter box messes! It works really well on couches too lifting up the pet hair immediately.  You can also use and store it in your cat, van or RV for a quick clean up!

Not only is the WISPSystem the best broom for pet hair, it’s also sleek and stylish. It comes in four different colors — designer blue, gray, purple and red – whatever your pleasure!

The petWISP is affordable too:

  • WISP Cleaning Set – WISPsystem Telescoping Broom and Dustpan with miniWISP Hand Broom w/Bristle Seal Technology  – MSRP $39.95
  • WISPsystem – Telescoping Broom and Dustpan with WISPaway Hanger and Electrostatic Bristle Seal Technology – MSRP $29.95
  • miniWISP – Small Broom and Dustpan Set the Best Mini Hand Broom with Electrostatic Bristle Seal Technology – MSRP $12.95
  • bigWISP, Lightweight Push Broom with Bristle Seal Technology – MSRP $22.95

There are many reasons to purchase a petWISP broom for your home.  It is the best at collecting pet hair, super easy to use, affordable and it really works!  It can even be a great holiday present for any of your pet loving friends.  Go to petWISP and buy one today.  You will be so glad you did!

Customer testimonials:

Never thought I could be in love with a broom!  Love it! Gets the fine dirt, pet hair and dust off the floor.”  Jorgia

It’s the best broom I have ever had.  It picks up the finest of pet hairs and I love the sides of the dust pan!” – Coleman

Incredible broom!  Love it. This broom is awesome and sweeping up dog hair and dust.  It also doubles as a great carpet rake.”  Tracey


This is a sponsored post but we only review products that we truly believe are excellent!

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