Power Paw Freeze Dried Treats – Healthy, Hearty Treats for Your Dogs and Cats!
4 October, 2016

We love to give our dogs and cats their daily dose of food and treats.  Treats are a great way to keep our cats and dogs feeling satisfied and reward them for good behavior.  When cooking, we even throw our fur kids some extra chicken as a treat (which they usually devour), but aren’t always sure if it’s cooked just right.   Well, Power Paw Freeze Dried Treats does the work for you as they offer a variety of healthy freeze dried treats that your pets will love.

What are Power Paw Freeze Dried Treats?

Power Paw Freeze Dried Treats are healthy, all natural treats that are made with raw meat and freeze dried to bring out an intense flavor and aroma.  The ingredients in the treats are few as they are protein based and don’t have any fillers.  What you see on the package is exactly what you get!   There are no added flavors, colors, dye, fruits, vegetables or preservatives.

Power Paw Freeze Dried Treats are great for pets with allergies

Many dogs and cats are allergic to grains, grain by-products and a lot of other additives that are found in most commercial treats. Because dogs and cats are carnivores, little grain is generally found in their natural diet which is why they become allergic.   Power Paw treats are grain-free and perfect for cats and dogs that have allergies.  The only ingredient is meat and these treats are vacuum packed to maintain their freshness.

Power Paw Freeze Dried Treats are great for both raw and regular diets for dogs and cats

Raw feeders can give their dogs and cats these scrumptious protein based treats without altering their diet.  And, pet owners who know about raw, but just haven’t made the switch can accompany their dogs and cats diet with these protein-based treats.  A win-win for both types of diets!

Power Paw Freeze Dried Treats offer a variety of flavors for your dogs and cats! 

Power Paw Freeze dried treats offers a variety of treats for your dogs and cats:

1. Power Paw Freeze Dried Chicken treats

Cats and dogs love chicken!  Try some chicken treats to add that burst of flavor and good source of protein for your pets.  These sumptuous treats will be gobbled up by your pets!

2. Power Paw Freeze Dried Chicken Hearts

Power Paw’s chicken hearts are another favorite and have taurine which is a nutrient that helps the heart!  The chicken hearts are a good source of protein and oil for cats and dogs skin and coat.

s are also a good source of protein and oil for cats and dogs which helps maintain a shiny skin and coat.

3. Power Paw Freeze Dried Rabbit meat with ground bone:

Rabbit meat isn’t something you usually find on your shelf and your dog or cat will love the variety.  Watch them eat them up heartily.   The rabbit treats are USDA inspected and produced in the USA. The bones are ground really fine which add some crunch and are great for your pets’ teeth.  Rabbit is also great for dogs and cats with allergies since chicken base is found in a lot of pet food.

About Power Paw Products

The founder of Power Paw Products, Andra Hearne, has a Master’s Degree in Animal Nutrition and a Ph.D. in Food Chemistry. Dr. Hearne has published articles and conducted research in nutrition and food chemistry. She believes that information and knowledge should be distributed to animal lovers so that they may gain the insight about optimum health for their champions and companions.

The company was founded through the inspiration and support of her husband, Michael, and through the encouragement of her friends. They hope that all animal lovers will become as passionate as they are about proper nutrition for their beloved pets. They believe that proper nutrition is needed to maximize animal health and genetic potential.

Make sure to buy some freeze-dried treats for your dogs or cats today.  They will love the flavor and you will love how healthy these treats are for them: Power Paw Products!  Use the coupon code “petpav” and you will get free shipping!

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