Preventing Ear Infections in Your Dogs !
8 June, 2016
dog ear infection

Ear infections are very common in dogs, particularly in the summer months.  Dogs with floppy ears are the most susceptible since a dog’s ear canals face down making it very easy for debris or water to get in the inner ear which can cause n ear infection.  Frequent bathing, swimming or too much cleaning (yes, too much is bad!) can also lead to ear infections.

The Symptoms of an Ear Infection

The following are symptomatic of an ear infection in your pups: Ear scratching, brown, yellow or bloody discharge, odor in the ear, redness, swelling, crusted or scabby skin on the near ear flap, hair loss around the ear, wiping the ear area on the floor or furniture, head shaking or head tilt, loss of balance, or some hearing loss.

As always, take your dog to your veterinarian if you think they might have an ear infection.

Below are some ways you can prevent ear infections in your dogs:

1. Check your dog’s ears regularly for discharge, odor, swelling and other symptoms of infection.

2. After baths and swimming, make sure to dry your dog’s ears thoroughly – dampness leads to infection.

3. If your dog grows hair in or around the opening of his ear canals, periodically tweeze it away (if your dog tolerates it) or ask your groomer to do so. Inner-ear skin is delicate so be careful!

4. Dogs’ ears need to be clean, but don’t clean them too much or too deep as over-cleaning can lead to infection.

5. If your dog grows hair in or around the opening of his ear canals, periodically tweeze it away

Tips to cleaning your dog’s ears

First get a recommendation of a good ear cleaner from your vet.

Place a few drops in your dog’s ear canals and then massage the base of the ear for 20-30 seconds to soften and release the debris. Wipe out the loose debris and excess fluid with a cotton ball. Repeat this procedure until there isn’t any more debris.  Let your dog shake his head to remove any excess fluid.

Then wipe your dog’s ear flap and area below the ear gently with a towel.  Depending on your dog’s ear condition, you may have to start out cleaning the ears twice a day.

Homeopathic Remedies to help prevent ear infections:

You can easily make your own cleansing solution that can help correct the pH balance and kill any contaminants in your dogs’ ears:

Try mixing a solution of a cup of warm water, 2 tablespoons of apple cider or white vinegar, and plantain tincture (a healthy herbal remedy you can find online) as a cleanser to wipe out excess debris from visible areas of the ear.

Hepar Sulph can be useful for irritable dogs who don’t like to have their inflamed ears touched.

Sulphur is often recommended for long term, stubborn skin conditions and also has some success in ear infection treatment. Excessive scratching or pawing at the ears may be an indicator for sulphur.

Silica is worth considering to help ‘push out’ excess debris or other foreign object from the ears.

Phosphorus is a good option for those dogs who suffer with cuts or hematomas it’s an excellent remedy for many types of bleeding.

The best way to prevent ear infections in your pups is to keep their ears dry, clean and check them readily!


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