PurOtic™ Ear Cleaner is A Great, Innovative Ear Cleaner for Your Cats or Dogs!
22 October, 2013

If you have ever tried to clean your dogs or cat’s ears, you know how hard it is to clean them properly and not have your cat or dog hate you for doing so! Wouldn’t it be nice to find just the right ear cleaner that you and your pet will love? Well, PurOtic Ear Cleaner is the solution; you can get your pet’s ears clean and make the experience a good one for your pet!

What is PurOtic™ Ear Cleaner?

Purotic® is a non-irritating wash designed by veterinary and health care professionals to help breakup wax and prevent ear infections. It is made with a pharmaceutical grade emulsifier and combined with all natural ingredients and instantly eliminates odor and the wax build up. PurOtic™ is the first ear cleaner that you can use at home that comes with a soft ear applicator for easy cleaning.

Why chose PurOtic™ … I’ll give you 5 reasons:

1. It has an anti-inflammatory agent.

2. It breaks up the yucky wax build up.

3. It has a silicone applicator which is comfortable for your pet and provides deep cleaning.

4. It is alcohol and sulfate free.

5. It has a great, clean natural scent.



The silicone applicator makes cleaning easy and effective

The patented silicone applicator allows pet owners to easily apply the solution into the ears of even the most difficult pets. Many dog and cat owners have trouble applying ear cleaner to their pets and they try to fight it by quickly moving or shaking their head during cleanings. This flexible silicone applicator ensures that the PurOtic solution gets deep into the inner ear where it is most effective and where infections and odors start. Each squeeze of the trigger gently dispenses a small amount (less than 1cc) of ear cleaner through the silicone dispenser.

PurOtic™ comes in both extra strength and regular strength formulas.

This extra strength version is designed for dogs only. The powerful essential oils are used to naturally prevent the causes of most dog ear infections. These oils eliminate even the most smelly dog’s ears!

It has the following active Ingredients:

Tea Tree Oil – Proven natural antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral qualities.

Lavender Oil – Broad based antiseptic and pain reliever.

Eucalyptus Oil – Natural bio pesticide, insect repellant and pain reliever.

Docusate Sodium US Pharmaceutical Grade – Bio-degradable emulsifying agent that is superior at removing debris and breaking up wax.

The regular strength is for cats and dogs:

This regular strength version of PurOtic is designed for both dogs and cats. Natural extracts will gently promote healthy and odor free ears.

It has the following active ingredients:

Oregon Grape Extract – contains berberine a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agent.

Yellow Dock Extract – contains anthraquinone’s a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Green Tea Extract – high in polyphenols to reduce irritation.

Lemongrass Fragrance Oil – leaves a pleasant citrus scent.

Docusate Sodium US Pharmaceutical Grade – Bio-degradable emulsifying agent that is superior at removing debris and breaking up wax. It is used in ER medicine to remove impacted ears in infants.

PurOtic is easy to use and comes with great simple directions. So, quit trying to clean your cat’s or dog’s ears on your own when you can get the best clean ever for their ears (and smells great too.) Sammy, my cat, loved it and I’m sure your pet will too! Take a look at


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