Remarkabowl Dog and Cat Bowls for the Sports Fan in Your Home!
2 June, 2015

 We love our pets like our children and always want the best for them: the right food, the most comfy bed and the best, safest toys.  And then, of course, we want to make sure our pets eat their food from a safe, clean bowl that is durable and solid.  And with so many different bowls on the market, how do you choose the best one?  How about a bowl that is hefty, reliable, and made for the sports fan in your home?  Then, Remarkabowl is the right pet bowl for you and your pet!

Remarkabowls’ awesome bowls look like a real sports ball!

Pet-Pro bowls by Remarkabowl are the perfect way to enjoy the big game with your favorite dog or cat. Their unique patent-pending textured bowls have the look and feel of a real sports ball. Durable and strong like a linebacker, these Pro bowls are no bench warmer with their non-tip, non-spill design, easy to handle thumb hole and rubber non-skid bottom that sticks to it like, well, a defensive linebacker!

Remarkabowls’ come in basketball, football, and soccer- themed bowls.

All of the awesome sports themed bowls come in different sports and sizes to meet the need of your dogs and cats.


The awesome, football, soccer and basketball themed bowls!

The small bowls are 1 cup; medium bowls – 3 cups; and the large bowls are 5 cups!

Basketball (small, medium and large) are shaped like basketballs;

Football (small, medium and large) are in the shape of a football; and

Soccer (small, medium and large) are in the shape of a soccer bowl.

Remarkabowls’ are dishware safe and heavier than your average bowl

These adorable heavy duty bowls are thicker and heavier than your average plastic dog bowl.  With a high quality non-skid rubber bottom and easy to handle thumb holes, these bowls are difficult for pets to tip over, pick up or chew and destroy!  Remarkabowls’ are therefore long-lasting and can keep up with you and your pet.

Remarkabowls’ are also dishwasher safe.  Made of 100% polypropylene, 100% BPA, the bowls are 100% taste and odor free.  Remarkabowls are tested for quality assurance and are even safe for human consumption (not that you would want to eat out of them).

Remarkabowl Picture

I love my Remarkabowl!

With prices starting at $8.99 – to $14.99, Remarkabowls are adorable, durable and affordable.

Have a baseball and/or golf fan in your life?  Not to worry.  Remarkabowl is coming out with baseball and golf bowls soon.

About Remarkabowl

Remarkabowl was created in 2013 with offices and warehouse in Vancouver, Washington. U.S.A.

Remarkabowl manufactures the only sports-themed bowls on the market that have the actual look, feel and texture of a real sports ball!  Their Pet-Pro bowls are unique, high quality, functional and made to last.

Remarkabowl was 1 of only 30 companies chosen to be featured in the gift bags at this year’s 35th Annual Sports Emmy Awards and was recently named one of the ten Coolest New Dog Products of 2014!  How great is that!

Make sure to get your dog or cat and human sports fan one of the many-themed Remarkabowls!  They are fun, durable and make great gifts.  Get one for your pet today.  You and your pet will be happy you did:!


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