Rockin’ Paws SHOW STOPPER Serum will Make Your Dog Look & Smell Fantastic!
8 October, 2013

If you are like most dog owners, you either wash your dog or get him or her groomed regularly.  After all, you want your dog to stay clean and look great too.  And if your dog’s fur gets tangled or matted, it is so hard for you to brush and can actually hurt your pup.  But, sometimes shampoo is not enough to detangle the fur in your dog.  And, that’s where the Rockin’ Paws Show Stopper serum, well, rocks!

The Rockin’ Paws SHOW STOPPER serum has great, high-quality ingredients

Rockin’ Paws SHOW STOPPER Coat De-Matting and Shine Serum is formulated to condition the coat while providing a beautiful shine to your dog’s coat. In addition, because the product is enriched with natural oils, Jojoba Oil for deep conditioning and Avocado Oil for nourishment & shine, Show Stopper Serum adds softness and restores moisture to your pet’s coat and skin, all of which help guard against mats and itchiness.

Their exclusive Rockin’ Paws formula helps detangle your pup’s fur with ease and when used on a regular basis allows for less frequent brushing. You and your pup will appreciate the ease and gentleness in grooming, and time-savings from having to brush daily or bathe often. You will love the beautiful results of a Show Stopper grooming and don’t be surprised if you get stopped by the other jealous pup owners!

The Rockin’ Paws serum is easy to use

Rockin’ Paws SHOW STOPPER Coat De-Matting and Shine Serum is easy to use. It can be used on towel dry (wet) or dry coat.  All you have to do is rub a nickel-sized amount of Rockin’ Paws SHOW STOPPER Serum between your hands, then massage evenly into your dog’s coat. If the coat is wet on application, allow the coat to dry then brush throughout for a beautiful soft, shiny and great smelling coat. You will notice immediately the ease in brushing or combing! Depending on the size of your pup, you might need to use a few more nickel-sized portions of serum. The longer the coat and the bigger the dog, the more you will use.

The Rockin’ Paws dog product line gives back to pets in need

The Rockin’ Paws pet care line was born out of the owner, Judy Arnold’s, love for her four legged boy and the desire to make two commitments her mission. The first is to give pet parents a little more time by bringing them the very best in gentle, innovative and efficient human grade pet care products. (She uses the entire Rockin’ Paws line on her own hair!) The second is to help the many animals in need that don’t receive the same kind of love and pampering that we, dog owners, shower on our beloved four-legged rock stars.

From the start, Judy and her team decided to dedicate a portion of their profits to support the people, shelters and organizations who work so hard to make the lives of less fortunate animals better. Therefore, any purchase you make can help their mission to support these fine groups and their good efforts.

If you haven’t tried the Rockin’ Paws serum (or any of the Rockin’ line of products) for your dogs, you should purchase any of their excellent products today.   You and your pup will not only love the product and the way your dog looks, but you will also help support animals in need, a win/win for everyone!  Buy some today at!

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