Safety Tips for Your Pets on New Years’ Eve
23 December, 2014
Safety Tips for Your Pets on New Years

New Years’ eve is a very fun and celebratory time for most pet parents.  It is full of celebratory events, loud parties and even fireworks.  While most of us do celebrate and go out to parties or have people over to our homes, New Years’ eve can be a very scary time for pets (not all that different than Halloween or July 4th).  However, if you just use commonsense and make sure that your pets are being monitored, the festivities can continue seamlessly.  

Below are some reminders to help keep our pets safe on New Years’ eve.

Keep your cats and dogs inside

If possible, try to keep your pets indoors for the evening.  The noise can scare your pets and if there are any fireworks, the remnants can hurt your pet.  Therefore, keep the outside visits to a minimum.  Your normally calm pets can become anxious from the noise and the surroundings.  If your dog is barking in the yard and/or anxious from the noise, he or she might run out of the yard.  Or find that little broken piece of gate and escape (same for an outdoor cat).

Safety Tips for Your Pets on New Years


When your pet must go out to do ‘his business’, you should watch your pet or use a leash with a snug fitting collar or harness.  Stay with your dog at all times.  If you have an outdoor cat, make sure your kitty is inside all night.

Make sure your pets’ id tags are updated

The biggest risk of all this New Years’ eve is that pets will get loose and become lost. Even if a pet is secured inside, the sound of noisemakers, gunfire, and fireworks can cause them to enter an extreme panic mode, sometimes even breaking through glass windows, slipping out doors or pushing through screens.

Make sure your pets are licensed and micro-chipped and that all information is current…address and all phone numbers. If anything, collar and tag every pet in your home now before the night approaches.

Create a safe and comforting environment for your pets

If you’re having guests over, consider keeping your dogs and cats in a room that’s off-limits to guests with plenty of water and pet food.  People coming in and out while not paying attention can be a perfect way for your anxiety stricken pet to escape.

Any cat or dog can easily choke on the blower attachment of party horns or portions of party hats. If your dog or cats’ eat certain party foods, it can be harmful for your pets.  Don’t risk any of these things happening to your loving companion.

Keep your pets in a safe enclosed room, with doors, windows and blinds closed. Surround your pets with their favorite toys and other familiar objects. Sometimes the smell of an article of clothing from your laundry can help comfort them. Chew toys or chew bones are great to keep them busy and feeling comforted.

Create a space in the room for them to find refuge. Either an open door crate you are sure they will utilize or under a coffee table or perhaps behind a chair or couch. Just place their comfort items in this hiding place for them to relax.

Try playing soothing music or turn on the television. Keeping them occupied by the sound in the room and slightly masking the outside booms, crackles and horns is the key.

Keep your guests safe from over-reactive pets

If you are having people over to your home, keep in mind that your dog and/or cat might get nervous and then lash out of fear.  This is yet another reason to keep your pets feeling safe and occupied in another room.  Even the most social pet might get scared or be upset by all the noise at attention.

Stow away dangerous ingredients

If you are planning to make something special for New Year’s, make sure that you put away  ingredients quickly and keep your kitchen and preparation space neat and tidy. Chocolate, for example, is a very common toxic food for dogs and cats.  Small amounts of it can cause problems for a dog, and large amounts can even be fatal.

Keep toxic, dangerous, and delicate decorations away from dogs

Not all decorations are available in non-toxic variants. Place delicate and potentially dangerous decorations away from your pet. Be especially careful of glass decoration pieces, since dogs or cats can injure their mouth if they chew them.

As with any holiday that involves decorations and noise, it is important to think about how your cat and/or dog will be effected.  It is always better to be extra cautious and safe. 






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