Should You Bathe Your Cat
23 April, 2012

My cat, Sammy, loves to drink water and play with the water faucet in the sink.  He is also known to jump in a bathtub to feel the coolness of it.  However, he won’t let me near him if I want to give him a bath.  Luckily, he cleans himself regularly.

In fact, most cats don’t need to be bathed regularly because they groom themselves. They do need to be brushed and some long hair breeds may need to have their fur trimmed. If a cat can’t groom himself properly due to an illness or other reason, a little help is necessary and a trip to the vet to see what might be going on. If there’s no medical condition found, your cat might just be aging and can’t reach all the places she used to. In this case, a bath might be needed now and then.

If you do bathe your cat, make the bath quick, don’t make a lot of noise, and reward him or her after the bath is finished. First, you can slowly try to tempt your cat into the bathtub by placing treats in there for her, a few toys, and get him or her used to the space. Then you can fill the tub with about an inch of water and see how he or she feels about walking around in it.  He might jump out and/or simply just shake his or her paws to get the water out.

If your cat simply shakes out his paws, then he or she might be ready for the next step…bath time.  You might want to put a floor rug or towel in the tub so you cat can sink his claws into something.  And, of course, a towel is preferable to the shower curtain or your arms.  You might even want to wear protective kitchen gloves as you wash your cat in case he gets scared.

The faster you can get your cat bathed, the better.  Put a little shampoo through your cat’s fur and use a cup of water to rinse off the shampoo.  If you use the spray attachment from the shower head, your cat will very likely be upset by the severity of the water and the noise. Then be very loving, stroke her fur, making it a game as if you are giving her a rub down.  We know how all cats love that.

Next, grab a towel, dry your cat off and brush her.  She will most unlikely be very upset with you so pet her kindly, give him or her some treats and your cat will be fine and clean!

Good luck with bathing your cat.  Some cats like it and some cats, like Sammy, don’t!


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