Should You Buy Pet Insurance for Your Dogs or Cats?
22 September, 2014
Dog Cat Pet Insurance

I know that a lot of dog and cat owners are ambivalent about whether they should purchase pet insurance for their pet(s).  Pet insurance is preventative insurance for any type of pet illness or any incident that might occur in which you need to take your dog or cat to the vet or hospital.  There are many plans out there that won’t break the bank and give you peace of mind if any sort of illness or accident happens with your cat or dog.

Pet Insurance for cats   

Even indoor kitties might need cat insurance.  Your cats might dart out an open door or eat something they shouldn’t, like houseplants or dental floss. They can also suffer from illnesses as common as stomach upset to more serious problems like kidney disease. More advanced veterinary treatments are available today for cats, which is great news. However, it can be expensive to give your felines the best care possible.


Dog Cat Pet Insurance

Insure us!?

A cat health insurance plan can make it a lot easier.  You can find a good, well-rounded pet insurance plan for your cat for $10 – $20 a month.  It’s a good way to save for the unknown illnesses or other unforeseen incidents that might occur in your cat’s life.

Pet Insurance for your dog or puppy

When you first get a dog or puppy, you will probably be told by several people that you need to buy pet insurance. However you may not be at all clear as to exactly why you need it, especially if you haven’t owned a dog before and probably didn’t even know that pet insurance existed. The cost varies with the type of dog and age, and similar to car insurance, you should price them out and determine what is applicable to your dogs needs.

Pet insurance can cover your dog’s vet bills

If there is one reason for having pet insurance that you had already thought of, it is probablyhealth insurance. That is, insurance to cover your vet’s bills if your dog is sick, or injured in an accident. It’s most unlikely that your dog will go through his whole life without a single disease or injury, and usually just one treatment can cost a lot of money.   Dogpet insurance policiesvary enormously as to what levels of coverage they provide so you need to compare them carefully and see what best meets your needs.

Whether it’s a scrape at the dog park or a common bite wound, accidents can happen quickly. And dogs often explore items with their mouths, so swallowed objects and harmful substances are common dog accidents.  Did you hear about the Great Dane that swallowed 43 pairs of socks?! Also, just like us, dogs can get sick with all kinds of illnesses from ear infections to cancer.

Does your dog have any pre-disposed illness or conditions?

You should also consider the breed of the dog or puppy that you own.  For example, Labradors tend to have problems with their legs and in many cases, need surgery later in life.  Talk to other pet owners or breeders to see if they have any thoughts or ideas whether it is mindful to purchase insurance for your particular breed.  Of course, if you have rescued a dog, you might not know the exact breed.  But, even then, given the questionable genetics of your pooch, it’s better to have a plan in place.

Pet Insurance is important for unforeseen catastrophic events

There are some other reasons to purchase pet insurance.  For instance, if your dog runs out on the road and causes a car accident, you will need insurance to cover you forlegal adviceand compensation payment. You are responsible for what your dog does, so the other party will sue you. If a serious injury is involved, the compensation could be huge.  

If you dog bites someone, such as a friend or even a neighbor, pet insurance can help prevent the medical bills that can be caused by this.  This would also apply to other dogs at the dog park.

Savings account for your cats and dogs instead of pet insurance

If you decide to opt out of getting pet insurance for your cat or dog, you might think about putting aside $20 a month into a special savings account for your pets.  Think of it as a college fund for your kids, but a lot less expensive.  That way, if something occurs, you already have some money set aside for your cat or dog’s vet bills.

How can you find the best pet insurance plan for your dog or cat?

As always, the best place to find a good plan is through your friends that have dogs or cats or even better, your veterinarian.  Your vet will let you know what kind of insurance they take so that at least you have a place to start and know what they will cover. Trupanion Pet Insurance has a very solid reputation and will guide you through their different plans for your specific pets’ needs.

Only you can decide if dog or cat insurance is the right fit for you. Think of it as similar to health insurance (or even auto insurance) for people.  You might not use it for a few years, but when something happens or you get sick, you are very happy you have it.


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