Should You Buy Your New Puppy A Mattress?
17 January, 2012

My cat, Sammy, likes to sleep everywhere…the couch, the corner of my bed, even the floor.   I know that dogs are the same but I have been told that it is better for puppies to have a dog mattress from the start.  It helps with their growth and they come to love their own dog bed.

A dog mattress is not only comfortable for your puppy, but they are specially designed to keep his or her fur in the best possible condition. If your puppy spends a lot of time sleeping on the carpet or floor, his fur may grow at an irregular rate.  And he could develop bald patches in his fur. You can avoid this problem by providing a proper dog bed for him to sleep on.


The most basic and cheapest type of dog bed is a dog mattress. They are available in many sizes and shapes. If you get this type of bed, try to find one that can be thrown in the wash so you can keep it fresh smelling and clean.

Another important consideration is size. You should get one that will fit your dog when he is fully grown. Some larger breed dogs can double their size in a few months. If you buy a bed to fit a puppy, it will be far too small for him as an adult dog.

If you are looking to put a mattress inside a dog house, be sure to measure the inside so you can get as large a bed as possible.


One unique kind of dog mattress is a bolster dog bed. On a bolster bed, the bolster is a cushion that surrounds the mattress part of the bed. A bolster can be comforting for a puppy to lean against while he’s in his bed. The bolster also can be used as a pillow for your puppy.


One more kind of dog bed is the cozy cave dog bed. This is a perfect bed for a new puppy because it is designed to keep him cozy and warm while he snuggles up inside. A cozy cave bed lets your puppy feel safe and protected while providing the ultimate in comfort.

These are only a small number of the dog beds that are on the market today. The most important consideration is that your dog loves it! Build a profile!

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