Simone Biles is Not Your Normal Dog Lover!
19 August, 2016

Simone Biles is one of the major stars of the 2016 Rio Olympics with her performance both at the Olympics and her winning personality.  There are so many reasons to be enchanted with Simone and now we just learned one more.  She is a huge dog lover!

It’s no secret that Simone Biles is one of the biggest breakout stars of the 2016 Rio Olympics. The 19-year-old was too young to compete in the 2012 Olympics, but now, she’s already being called the greatest gymnast of all time. Her agility, skill and complex routines have given her the power to take the U.S. gymnastics team (a.k.a. the “Final Five”) to Olympic gold.  Even Aly Raisman, her teammate and, ultimately, competitor agree that she is at a different almost “super human” level.


There must be a genetic component for gymnastics!

Simone isn’t the only athlete in the Biles family. Her 17-year-old sister Adria Biles is also a talented gymnast. They are said to train together and give each other support.

Simone is one of Rio’s breakout stars and only second in gold to Michael Phelps

At just 19, she’s already made history. Not only is Biles the first female gymnast to win three world all-around titles in a row, she’s also the first African-American gymnast to become the world all-around champion.  And with four gold medals and one bronze, she is just below Michael Phelps in trophies and tied with Katie Ledecky!

While Biles is one of greatest competitors in all events, her signature is the floor routine. Biles’ tumbling passes are so difficult that her third tumbling pass is at the difficulty of most gymnasts’ first pass — the slot where most gymnasts put their hardest move.  She is a force on the floor and in our hearts.

Biles is also a huge dog lover with 4 big German shepherds!

Simone is also a huge dog lover with 4 big German shepherds Maggie, Atlas, Lily and Bella.  Her dogs hold a huge place in her heart just as she has won over ours. This little wonder can stand up to her dogs even though they are almost as big as she is!

We are just starting to learn more about this wonder kid and she is an inspiration to all of us!


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  1. I LOVE this! Simone Biles is such an amazingly talented and lovely young woman…and to find out she also has a love for animals makes her just that much more of an inspiration to us all. Very cool!

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