SnugglePuppies – Adorable Stuffed Companions for Your Dogs
26 November, 2013

If you have a puppy or have had one in the past, you know how friendly, fun and wonderful pets they can be.  They are care-free and are just learning the world around them which can be fun, but also a little scary.   Our puppies can sometimes be frightened by all the new sights and sounds around them.  And, as a new puppy owner (similar to a new mother), our puppies can keep us up at night because they can be scared or anxious.  Thankfully, the SnugglePuppies’ line was invented to help you and your puppies get over their anxiety.

What is a SnugglePuppie?

The SnugglePuppie is an adorable stuffed animal that will instantly become your puppy’s best friend.  Not only is SnugglePuppie soft, cute and cozy, but it also has a real feel “pulsing” heart beat to make your puppy feel as if he is not alone.  The SnugglePuppies also comes with warmer packs that you insert into the SnugglePuppie that can help your puppy sleep the night away as your puppy feels the comfort of the warmth.


The SnugglePuppies helps separation anxiety

The SnugglePuppies are also great in helping your puppies or any dog overcome separation anxiety.  Too many of our puppies are fearful when you leave the house or even put them in a crate overnight.   If you leave a SnugglePuppie with your pup, your dogs can overcome separation anxiety because they never as if they are alone.  With the pulsating heart beat, your puppy feels like he has a buddy with him which is soothing.

If you have an adopted dog or even a blind dog, a SnugglePuppie can also help your dog adjust more readily.  It is a safety blanket or a safe toy which will give your puppy comfort all day and night when you aren’t there.

The SnugglePuppies are great for car rides and travel

If you are taking a trip with your puppy, even just the veterinarian, if you put your

SnugglePuppie in the carrier, it will make the trip that much easier.  Your puppy will automatically feel at ease as the SnugglePuppie will remind your puppy that all is OK.

The SnugglePuppies also help crate training

If you are trying to crate train your puppy, a SnugglePuppie left in the crate will help your puppy adjust.  Or even if you just use the crate at night for sleeping, you can feel comfortable knowing that your puppy has a friend sleeping with him.

About Snuggle Pet Products Company

Snuggle Pet Products Company is a manufacturer of “Soul Satisfying Pet Products”.  Since 1997 they have been making a difference for stressed out animals all over the world with their famous SnugglePuppies and SnuggleKitties.  With a real feel “pulsing” heart beat and warmer packs they are sure to make a difference for your pet too.  Not only for new puppies and kittens but for rescue animals from baby “Joeys” (Kangaroos) in Australia to orphaned Raccoons in Minnesota (USA).

The SnugglePuppies come in eight different adorable puppies to choose from.  They also have SnuggleKitties that are a savior for your precious little kitty and will provide your feline friends with comfort.

Isn’t it time you bought your puppy or dog a SungglePuppie?  You and your puppy will be so happy you did.  Take a look at their site, and enter code “petpav” and you can get $10 off your purchase of a SnugglePuppie and blanket!  And for an additional savings, pick FREE shipping too, now through 1-31-2014.


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