Socializing Your new Puppy
22 May, 2012

When you bring your new puppy home, he is happy, excitable and exploring his surroundings.  Of course, going through puppyhood is fun for your dog and you but can be trying at times. They have so much to learn.  In addition to just the basic training fundamentals, you want to make sure that your puppy socializes well.

While socializing your puppy might not seem that important, it really will make his and your life easier.  Think about it.  You want to know that you will have a well-behaved pup when you bring your dog to doggy day care, dog parks and other dog-friendly spots.

Socializing a puppy or an adult dog will prevent dog bites, growling fits, anxiety about being outdoors and other fight responses. A socialized dog will be curious about new places and new interactions which is what you want.  Some dogs are inherently social; however, if you puppy is not that ‘social’ below are some recommendations to help you.

Introduce your puppy to as many people as you can

In order for you to truly socialize your puppy, try introducing him or her to as many people as you can.  Bring friends over and get your puppy used to all different types of people.  See how they do with kids in strollers, bike riders or just other people walking by.

Hmmm.. nice to meet you!

Take your dog to as many different places as you can. Let them sniff and observe their surroundings and other dogs. The walks may be slower but it’ll be worth it.  By taking your puppies to as many new places as possible, it increases their interactions and meeting new people.

When socializing, try to get your puppy used to people touching him or her

I know when I see a little puppy, the first thing I want to do is pet him or her.  Many people react that way.  When you and your puppy are meeting someone new, you should first touch or scratch your puppy’s ears and then have the ‘new person’ do the same.  It will give your puppy the signal that this is OK to do and is encouraged.

Take your puppy on car rides

It is important to get your puppy familiar with riding in the car to places other than the vet. Many dogs are not fans of the vet and may associate the car with an exam. Go for car rides to the dog park or to a hiking trail or beach. Let them know that cars don’t equal the scary vet.  Roll down the window a bit and let them feel the fresh air.

Basic commands always help

It is important to continually reinforce the commands of sit, stay, and wait. These commands come in handy when your dog expresses any anxiety or excitement.  It will help him or herwhen encountering other dogs.

I hope these tips help and you find yourself with a social puppy!



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