Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Dogs
19 April, 2018
spring cleaning ideas with dogs

Guest blog by Amylynn Bellingrath

Ahhhh, it’s finally spring.  The snow has melted, the mercury is finally creeping above freezing, and your dog is chomping at the bit to jump in every muddy puddle he can find.  Here are some great ideas to shake off the winter doldrums and get excited for the warmer weather.


Warmer weather means more frequent baths for some dogs, especially dogs who are difficult to bathe indoors (would YOU want to put a St. Bernard in the tub?)  Take your dog for a well-deserved day of pampering, or buy some fresh-smelling new shampoo and give your dog a bubble bath outside.  Many dog owners change the way their dog’s coat is groomed at different times of the year; shorter cuts for the warmer weather and longer locks to keep them warmer in the winter.  This leads to the next idea:

New duds

How about a new collar to compliment your squeaky clean pup? A brighter color with fun designs would help jump start any dog into romping outside in the new grass.  If your dog will wear clothing, many stores sell awesome t-shirts with designs or sayings on them that are just perfect to put on your best friend on a sunny day.  Show off your awesomeness!

New toys

Now that playing outside is an option again, time to try some clean new toys!  Some toys just aren’t as much fun to play with inside, so grab some new tennis balls or other things that are fun to throw.  If your dog prefers softer toys with squeakers, introduce some nice clean ones, and throw out or wash any smelly, dirty ones that he’s been dragging around the house all winter.  Many stores have great toys that won’t break your bank, and you can switch them out for clean ones when they get dirty or too torn or chewed.  Always be mindful of toys with squeakers if your dog is the mischievous type!  You wouldn’t want to end up at the doggy ER!

Spring Cleaning

Dog beds, blankets, and pillows can become really stale after repeated use, and some of them can’t be put in the dryer.  Use the warmer weather to line dry blankets after washing, or put beds up in a sunny part of the patio or porch to air dry them.  Clean blankets will help your dog stay great-smelling after that stunning haircut or bath!


It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the longer days and warmer temperatures, and get out there!  Everyone needs exercise to stay healthy, and spring means long rambling walks wherever you can go, in either the city or country!  With the warmer weather there are always more dogs to meet, more squirrels to chase, and more fun to be had!   Grab that leash and GO!  If it’s raining, grab an umbrella, or put a yellow slicker on your dog to splash around in!

Amy is a veterinary technician with a background in speaking ‘dog’.  She has worked in animal hospitals, pet insurance, and shelters, and her ideal breed of dog is a mutt.   She’s also a writer of both pet health blogs and video games, and plays as much as she can.

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