How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching The Door!
29 March, 2018
stop cat scratching coor

Our cats love to scratch everything, including the doors to our bedrooms, offices or any other place they choose to enter.  Cats claw at our doors to get our attention, because they’re hungry or just simply bored! There are many easy ways to stop your cat from scratching at the door.

Cats scratch to mark their territory, release energy and groom their claws.  We like to train them to use scratching posts or pads to get their scratching needs fulfilled. But, sometimes they choose other places to scratch, like our doors and we need to redirect this behavior.

Cats will scratch the door to get our attention

One of the main reasons cats love to scratch our bedroom door or any door is to get our attention.  And the best way for you to respond is to ignore your kitty.  A simple ‘no’ may do the trick, but it shows your kitty that she got you to react.  And that was her point, so your cat will scratch again.

Try to use scratching deterrents on and around the door to stop your cat’s scratching there

The simple logic is that if your cat starts to scratch an area and it is unappealing, your kitty will stop doing it.

Some deterrents you can put on your door to stop the scratching are the following:

Cover the area of the door that your cat is scratching with double-sided tape. Cats don’t like sticky surfaces and this should stop her from clawing at the door.  Once the scratching stops, you can take off the tape.

Spray the door and frame with a scent deterrent. Citrus oils repel cats because they don’t like the scent.

Hang a scratching pad from the door so when your kitty goes to scratch there, your cat just might scratch that.

The CLAWGUARD Door Frame Scratch Protector is another effective deterrent.  Just hang it on your door and your cat has no choice but to only scratch that and not your door.  It’s not a fun scratch for your kitty so your cat will likely stop scratching your door.

Keep your cat occupied to deter your cat from scratching

Your cat might simply be scratching at the door because she or he is bored.  Make sure to provide fun, interactive toys that your cat can bat around and play with to keep her busy.

Give your feline friend a cat tree to climb, preferably near a window so she has plenty to see during the night.  When your cats have other appealing scratch areas, it will make your door less appealing.

Your cat could be scratching at the door due to separation anxiety

Some cats are anxious and don’t like to separated from you any time of the day.  If your cat suffers from separation anxiety and you can’t control it on your own, it could be time to see a cat behaviorist or try some other alternative therapies which is actually covered by some of the best pet insurance policies.

If you think your cat is scratching at the door because he is in pain, make sure to check your cat’s body, paws to make sure he is OK.  If you are unsure and he starts to meow heavily or in a different tone, you should take your cat to your vet to see if there is an injury.  It’s at times like these, where pet insurance is certainly worth the cost.

Trim your cat’s nails so she isn’t scratching on your door to get rid of them

Your cat might be scratching the door out of the need to exercise and maintain its nails. Keeping your cat’s nails in good condition is an essential part of the mandatory grooming process.  If you can’t trim the nails yourself, you can take your kitty to the veterinarian and this is covered under wellness plans in pet insurance.

If you make your door unappealing, provide other alternatives to scratch and leave toys around for your kitty to play with, your cat should find the door boring and is less likely to scratch it.

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