Strays – The Glaring Chronicles – A Must Read for All Pet Lovers
18 June, 2013

All pet lovers who love cats, dogs or any other pets, must read this fun book with heart.  When purchasing the book, 5 % of all proceeds go to charity.  How great is that!

Written by award-wining author, Matthew Krause, ‘The Glaring Chronicles’ proves that the human and animal worlds are grippingly co-dependent. When one evil force threatens to take over mankind, can a secret order of shape-shifting cats save the human world they’re supposed to protect?

Great, original story

While one in every four American household contains a cat, the calculating and diligent nature of these creatures has spawned many myths about their true behavior. In a powerful new fantasy series by best-selling author Matthew Krause, a secret order of cats comes out of the hiding and steps into action, tasked with preventing the destruction of mankind.

‘STRAYS’ forms the first installment of ‘The Glaring Chronicles’. With a gripping premise and bold narrative, the series’ first novel lives up to the steadfast reputation that Krause has earned.


There are 500 million cats in the world, but some of them are not all that they seem. Part of a secret order called The Glaring, these mysterious changelings move freely among us, sometimes as common cats, sometimes in more human form, marking our movements as we go about our lives.

An ancient evil known as Jackal has waged an eternal war with The Glaring, threatening the human world that it protects for centuries. Sometime in the late 20th Century, with global discord growing every day, Jackal is at his most powerful, and his conquest over mankind seems almost assured.

In order to defeat Jackal, The Glaring must enlist the aid of two unlikely heroes from the human world: Sarah, a teenage runaway fleeing a life of horrible abuse; and Kyle, an awkward alcoholic misfit who is reluctantly enlisted as her protector.

Sarah doesn’t know it yet, but she possesses a healing light so brilliant that no evil, not even Jackal, can resist it. The only chance the Jackal has to carry out his wicked plans is to keep Sarah in the dark about her power, weakening her spirit until she breaks.

With nothing to protect her but a teenage alcoholic and an army of shape-shifting cats, Jackal’s rise to power seems almost assured …

As the author explains, his book gives an enthralling insight into the misunderstood feline world.

“Many people wonder what cats are really up to. While my story is fictional, it certainly provides one fantastic theory that could be true. Only time will tell!” says Krause, who has achieved award-winning success in both literature and screenwriting.

He continues, “My new series sheds a whole new light on the cat, while paying homage to their intelligence, initiative and ability to integrate well with humans.”

An avid advocate for animals, Krause has pledged to donate at least 5% of all book sales to animal rescue charities, including Ape Action Africa (a U.S. and British charity rescuing endangered primates from the African bushmeat trade), MEOW (a Kirkland, WA, cat rescue committed to ending feline neglect and abuse), and The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation (a Los Angeles-based animal rescue charity founded by actress Katherine Heigl and her mother Nancy).

With an entire series yet to be released, fans of Krause’s work can look forward to many more installments of ‘The Glaring Chronicles’.

About the Author:

Matthew’s first novel, PITCH, was published when he won first place in the 2012 Balboa Press Fiction Competition. Matthew has written over 20 screenplays, and in 2001 earned a Walt Disney/ABC Television Screenwriting Fellowship. He has also placed in both the quarter and semifinals of the Nicholl Fellowship Screenwriting Competition hosted annually by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts.

His historical screenplay BOADICEA, WARRIOR QUEEN OF THE CELTS was purchased by Paramount Pictures and is currently in development. He also wrote and directed the independent feature BABY’S BREATH, and his horror screenplay SILO is currently under consideration by After Dark Films.

Please go to Glaring Chronicles and purchased this book today. It is a fun read and won’t break the bank!

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