Study Shows Dogs Digest Meat Better than Other Food!
24 March, 2017

New research in New Zealand has shown what dogs and their ancestors have known for thousands of years.  That dogs can digest meat much more readily than any other food.  The study further showed that nutrients can be absorbed more easily when a dog eats a high- meat diet.

This is the second particular study in the world showed that a dog’s gut is designed to digest meat

The study, led by AgResearch and Massey University, and only the second of its kind in the world, found a high-meat diet is easier for dogs to digest, enables more nutrients to be absorbed and resulted in higher levels of bacteria associated with protein and fat digestion.  The study’s authors say higher levels of bacteria demonstrated a dog’s gut is biologically designed to digest a diet high in meat.

The study analyzed dogs ‘droppings’ to come to this conclusion.

The study analyzed dog poop of fifteen adult dogs exclusively fed either a premium kibbled diet or a raw red-meat diet for nine weeks.  They two groups were studied to see the digestibility of macro-nutrients such as protein and fat.  They were both weighed as well.  The study looked at the role bacteria plays in a dog’s digestive system to help work towards the best diet for dogs.

High meat diets were easier to digest and helped digestion

The study found high-meat diets are more digestible for dogs; more nutrients from a high-meat diet were able to be absorbed and dogs on a high meat diet had higher levels of the gut bacteria associated with protein and fat digestion. Also, dogs on a high meat-diet had smaller droppings and better fecal health which is nice for dog parents who regularly pick up after their pet, as all responsible owners should!

The study really drove the point home that a high protein, low carb diet is better for dogs

Study co-lead Associate Professor David Thomas, of Massey University, says finding high levels of bacteria associated with protein and fat digestion was particularly exciting, as it demonstrated a dog’s gut is biologically designed to digest high-meat diets.   A high protein, low carbohydrate diet is ideal for dogs.

The study was co-funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment through the Outcomes for Science Targeted Research Fund and the New Zealand Premium Petfood Alliance – a collaboration between leading pet-food manufacturers Bombay Petfoods (manufacturers of the Jimbo’s brand), K9 Natural and ZiwiPeak.

The next full study from the research program will be the effects of feeding cats a high-meat diet.

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