How to Successfully Control Cat Allergies !
16 April, 2018
control cat allergies

If you or your family members are allergic to cats, it can be annoying and uncomfortable.  But, if the allergies are not severe, there are many things you can do to help control cat allergies. With a little time and effort, your cat allergies can be minimized or even better, gone for good!

Cat dander is the culprit that causes cat allergy reactions

Cat dander is the real culprit that causes allergies in cats.  Dander is a protein that attaches itself to dried skin, called dander that flakes off and floats through the air when cats wash themselves.  Cat dander can cause your body to release histamine, an immune system protein is usually the cause of allergy symptoms.

Below are some tips to help control your cat allergies:

1. Make your bedroom a cat-free zone

As hard as this is for you and your cat (s), it’s best to have your bedroom as a cat-free zone.  Once your bedroom is free of cats, you can wash everything that might have dander on them. Once everything is washed, make sure to keep the bedroom door closed when away. By all means, invite your cats back if they symptoms are under control.

2. Wash all bedding in 140-degree hot water at least twice monthly.

If you wash your bedding twice a month, this will eliminate both dust mite and cat allergen (because we know some of you will still let them sneak up on the bed every now and then).

3. Vacuum up cat allergen with a high grade HEPA vacuum cleaner twice weekly.

Vacuum walls, carpet, flooring, chairs, and furniture…everywhere. Use the hand tools on the vacuum. Cat allergen particles are very small and invasive so you really have to do a thorough job. Good hand tools on your vacuum cleaner are also helpful.

4. Wash your hands immediately after petting your cat

Rubbing your eyes can result in itchy eyes for hours. Use a strong anti-bacterial soap to avoid this problem.  Have anti-bacterial soap everywhere around your house.

5. Wipe the dander away with Allerpet

Allerpet Cat Dander Remover is a liquid damp-wipe product formulated for people who are allergic to cats. It lets you live more comfortably with your cat.  You just wipe it on your cat’s coat and it helps keep allergies at bay.   There are also other wipes on the market that help remove saliva and dander from your cat’s hair.

6. Spray allergens away

Anti-allergen sprays are a convenient way to deactivate allergens, including those produced by pets. ADMS Anti-Allergen Spray made from plant-based, non-toxic substances, can be sprayed throughout the house to take the sting out of household dust by rendering allergens harmless.

7. Get a test to see if you are even allergic to cats!

An allergy specialist can determine the exact source of your allergic reactions by a simple prick of the skin on your arm or back.   Your allergies might be caused by something completely different than cat dander.

8. Build up your immunity

Like any other allergy, if you build up your immunity to cat dander, you can develop a tolerance for it.  This can be done by keeping your home as dander free as possible and still petting and playing you’re your cats.  It’s impossible to remove all the cat dander, therefore, if your allergies are minimized, you can be developing a tolerance for cat dander.


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