Super Easy Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Pet Family!
29 June, 2017
eco friendly ideas

Most of us try to keep our lives as eco-friendly as possible and it shouldn’t stop at our pets. There are many things you can do at home to make you and your pets’ home eco-friendly.  It can be as simple as bring your recyclable bags to the pet store with you.  And, of course, the more you do, the better it is for our environment.

Some other ideas to implement into your daily routine:

Try recycled toys or make some of your own

Many toys and beds are made from recycled materials or sustainable fibers that can help lessen your pets’ paw print. Or get creative and make toys out of old socks and rope and beds out of old blankets and towels or even paper bags! It not only helps from harming the environment and can help protect your dog or cats from dangerous chemicals in plastic chew toys and bedding.

Donate items to shelters that your dog or cat no longer uses

Many items that your pet no longer uses or has grown out of might still be able to be put to use at a shelter. Call your local shelter to see if they need any of the items, or swap some with other friendly dog owners.  You can also put some of your existing toys away and bring them back later.  Your dogs and cats will think they’re new!

Paper Newspapers (if you still read them) are preferred at shelters

Animal rescues and wildlife rehabilitation centers use discarded newspapers to line their cages. This is both cheap and efficient. Contact your local shelter or rehabilitation centers in your area in need of old newspapers. Old newspapers are a great way to keep the cages lined and pick up the poop.

Scooping your pet’s poop and litter box!

Try use biodegradable bags to collect your dog’s waste. Ordinary plastic bags can take decades to decompose in landfills. And if you have a kitty, avoid clumping clay litter for cats. There are several environmentally friendly alternatives such as litter made of plant sources or feline pine (and they smell great too) and better for allergies

Check the labels on all your products

Do your existing products use eco-friendly materials and packaging? Check the labels to see what is inside the product and if the bottle or container is recyclable or made of biodegradable materials. Stuck with plastic? Recycle after use.

Feed a natural or organic pet food for health and well-being

Natural or organic food for our pets provide nutrients which are minimally processed and preserved with natural substances. They don’t have artificial colors or other harmful additives. Organic pet foods also avoid the use of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or genetically engineered ingredients.

Try making homemade treats for your dogs and cats

Try making some homemade treats for your pups – they will love them too.  Then you don’t have to worry about disposing the plastic bags and you are using ingredients that you already have at home.

Another reason to adopt a pet

There are so many reasons to adopt a pet. With overpopulation and millions of pets being euthanized each year, you can save a life and bring a fun, furry member home. Why is this eco-friendly? Because you are bringing home a pet that will leave a shelter and making room for another one to enter.

There are so many ways that you can be eco-friendly in your home and can easily incorporate some into your pets’ routine.

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