Tabby That! A New Album Just For Cats!
5 September, 2016
music for cats

Universal Music is releasing the first album that is not for humans, but specifically for cats.  The idea behind the album is to help distressed cats.  The album, Music For Cats, is the first of its kind to be released by a major record label.

Universal Music is releasing the first ever album just for cats!

Universal Music is to be the first major label to release an album for cats. A five track record, simply titled Music For Cats, will contain varying combinations of sounds and classical music aimed at calming cats that are in distress, according to the Telegraph.  This is the first time that a major music label has produced an album not designed for humans to listen to.

David, Teie, a scientist and cellist, is the brainchild of the album

David Teie is a practicing scientist and he is also a cellist in the U.S. National Symphony Orchestra. Both of these professional pursuits inspired the idea to make an album for cats. Teie raised hundreds of thousands of dollars through crowdfunding. Although the album has an official release date in October, Teie has already sold several thousand copies.

The initial copies were sold independently. The success sparked the interest of major record companies, and Teie has secured a contract with Universal Music with a release date of October 28, 2016.

The album, composed of five tracks, includes many feline-centric sounds

The album, comprised of five tracks, includes sounds similar to purring, the cello and other ‘feline-centric sounds’ to match cats’ hearing frequency range.  This includes sounds that resonate with a mother cat’s purr or the sound of birds chirping. The calming music incorporates feline-centric sounds and their natural vocalizations and matching it to a cat’s frequency range.

The music helped calm cats in ‘hearing sessions’ and is being given to shelters for free!

Group feline listening sessions – the equivalent of a human musical therapy – have shown feral or previously abused cats are most comforted by Teie’s work. As a result, the music is to be given to animal shelters free of charge.      Teie said the album, which is released next month, was ‘kind of like classical’ and includes tracks called Katey Moss Catwalk and Tigerlili And Mimi’s Mewsical.

Teie, who has played with the US National Symphony Orchestra and the San Francisco Symphony, and on Metallica’s S&M album, said he now wanted to produce music for dogs, and create headphones for horses.


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