The Cat Call – Training Your Cat to Come to You
29 April, 2013

Does your cat come to you when you call his or her name?  While this seems like the easiest of tasks, not all cats naturally do so.  Some run to the door when you arrive home and call them, while some cats just yawn.  Or maybe your cat comes come to you when he or she hears his breakfast meal being prepared as you open up the canned food?  Whatever the case, you can train your cat to come to you.

Cats react naturally to sounds and treats!

When you are training your cat to do anything, always have some healthy treats ready.  We want your cat to learn how to come to you, but not gain weight in the process!

Cats react to sounds and higher pitched voices.  So, when you call out to your cat make sure you use a higher tone of voice.   Cats are more attracted to a happy higher tone.  If you do the opposite, they think they are being punished.


Next, cats generally respond better to a shorter name, so if your cat is named Socrates, you might want to use “Socky” or “Sock’ when calling him.  And if you do change the name to “Sock” this will become your cat’s training name.

If your cat doesn’t react to a name, try a sound

Some cats react better to sounds than names.  You could use a bell or clap your hands to start the training.  Whatever you decide to use, only use it for this training exercise.

Try to train your cat in steps

Start out a few feet away from your kitty.  Call your cat’s name or clap your hands and place the treat (or favorite toy) on the floor a couple feet in front of you. The smell of the treat or the sight of the toy should attract your cat to it.  If your kitty responds by approaching, give her plenty of praise and, when your cat has eaten the treat or played with the toy, pet her and in a higher pitched voice, say good jog.

If your kitty doesn’t respond, try it again.  Remember only to put a little healthy treat out so your cat doesn’t get fat in the process.  Try it a few times and then it’s time to give your kitty a break.

Increase the distance

Next increase the distance you are away from your cat when calling him or her. Soon your cat will come to you from another part of the house.  If your cat has easily graduated to this phase, try calling your cat without a treat and only praise.  Most cats will be happy enough to get a nice rub down or some affection.

If your cat is now running to you when you call his or her name, you succeeded.  And, you can use this similar type of training technique to get your cat to do other things.   I trained my cat, Sammy, to open the door to my bedroom, but using a high pitched voice and shaking his dry food so he knows there is a reward on the other end.  Start with the ‘call’ and keep on going!  


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