The Chihuahua – A Small Dog with a Huge Personality!
15 June, 2015
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The Chihuahua is the world’s smallest dog, but it makes a spirited pet for any size home. The Chihuahua is ready to go, graceful with a rounded skull and large, flaring ears. They have smooth coats that are soft and come in any color. Most Chihuahua weigh ranges from two to four pounds (smaller than a cat!). Grooming is easily managed and exercise a breeze.. a couple of brief daily walks or playtimes will keep this breed happy.

Chihuahuas live a long life despite their small size

Despite their diminutive size, Chihuahuas are hardy and surprisingly long-lived. Most Chihuahuas live from 14 to 18 year old.  The smooth coat needs some protection from the cold in winter if the dog is exercised outdoors. Chihuahuas are excellent watchdogs and are best suited to families with older children who can handle them appropriately.

dog personality two


Chihuahahs need to be socialized to adapt to most families

With other pets as well as people, socialization is the answer for improving poor social skills. The more a Chihuahua is exposed to people and animals alike, the more comfortable and agreeable it becomes. Were you planning on acquiring a dog that would love all people and all other animals without any effort on your part? Then, a Chihuahua isn’t for you.  But, with the right socialization they can become more affable.

Chihuahahs are great indoor pets

Chihuahuas are certainly not outdoor dogs. Some Chihuahuas enjoy a romp in the yard or the park, but they will be more than happy to come back inside and return to the comfort of a cozy couch cushion or, better yet, to snuggle beneath the quilts and pillows on your bed.  If you want a dog to take out to parks and along with you on hikes, then a Chihuahua isn’t for you.  A companion on your daily errands?  Then, the Chihuahua is the dog to bring  along with you and even fits in your bag!

Notorious burrowers, Chihuahuas like nothing better than to wiggle their way under pillows, couch cushions, even your favorite sweatshirt-while you are wearing it. In fact, Chihuahuas like nothing better than to be with you, by you or on you at all times.  

Chihuahuas are healthy dogs but don’t let them jump!

Chihuahuas can sometimes have some genetic diseases that can cause problems. Like most toy breeds, the Chihuahua is susceptible to slipped stifles (a knee injury caused by joint weakness) and fractures and may suffer from jawbone disorders, eye problems, heart disease, and tooth and gum complaints. Chihuahuas should not be allowed to jump off high furniture or out of your arms as the impact on landing could fracture a leg. Children should not be allowed to carry a Chihuahua or to play roughly with one for the same reason.

The Chihuahuas’ tendency to shiver or tremble is not a health issue but takes place when the dog is excited or stressed. One explanation is that they have a higher metabolism and so dissipate body heat faster than larger dogs. Shivering helps to generate body heat – that’s why people shiver when we are cold. However, rapid dissipation of body heat is a distinct disadvantage in cool or cold climates, so Chihuahuas should always be protected when taken outdoors in these areas.  And, as we know, there are dozens of styles of protective sweaters available.

Chihuahuas are funny dogs with a big personality

Perhaps the most important characteristic of the a Chihuahua is their incredible sense of humor. Chihuahuas can be downright hilarious, and a good Chihuahua owner appreciates and even cherishes the antics of these tiny dogs.  If you aren’t up to a mischevious dog, then a Chihaua isn’t the best fit for you. Thy are the class clowns.

Chihauhuas are so little that be careful if you leave them outside

Like other small dogs, the Chihuahua faces a danger outdoors that does not threaten his canine cousins that weigh more than 15 pounds, he is just the right size for a meal for a bird of prey or a coyote. Large hawks, eagles, and owls have been known to swoop down on pets and carry them away, and coyotes are becoming a common danger in some city fringes and suburbs.

The indomitable spirit of the Chihuahua can also causes problems when the little dog spars with a large  dog especially one with a dominant personality or a high prey drive. It is best to always keep a Chihuahua on a leash or carried in your arms so it cannot challenge a big dog to a duel it will surely lose.  Your Chihuahua thinks he is bigger than he is.


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