Cleo Collar Enables You to Track Your Cat or Dog On Every Level
12 August, 2014
We are all crazy about our beloved cat and dog family members and would do anything we could to keep in touch with them on all levels. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we not only could track what they are doing during the day, but also keep up with their medical history, movement each day and easily find them if they get lost? Well, CLEO Collar does all that and more!

What is CLEO Collar?

CLEO Collar is a new, innovative snap on that can be placed on your dog or cat’s collar which resembles a belt buckle, but not as bulky.  CLEO Collar, which is visible to the pet owners, has a unique serial number for each pet.   There is a customized name plate and all the contact information is stored on CLEO Collar website that helps connect your pet to you in case they go missing.

All customers who purchase CLEO Collar will be registered in their database.  If your pet happens to get lost and someone finds your pet, he or she can simply go to CLEO Collar website and contact the owner through the serial number imprinted on every device!

CLEO Collar helps you monitor your pets’ vital signs

Pets at any age can have health issues ranging from heart condition to problems when they walk.  CLEO Collar can monitor the heart rate, temperature, and respiratory capacity through your pet’s fur, which is impossible for other collars to do since they cannot get an accurate reading without touching the pet’s skin. The inner portion of CLEO Collar encompasses integrated sensors that ensure the most accurate vital sign readings of your pet.  If your dog is older and you don’t want to work him too hard, CLEO Collar can help you monitor his heart rate to his or her needs.

Baxter wearing CLEO Collar

Cleo Collar can also detect early signs of joint disease, such as arthritis. CLEO Collar monitors your cat’s or dog’s walking pattern to make sure that your pet is walking properly and can detect potential issues early on in your dog’s lives (or cat’s).  This can be invaluable to specific types of pets such as Labradors who tend to have inherent issues with their legs.

CLEO Collar helps you connect with your pets when you away

CLEO Collar provides pet owners with an innovative solution for you to stay connected with your furry family members at all times. Worried about leaving your four-legged beloved at home while you work or travel? With CLEO Collar, you are able to monitor your pet remotely and you will be always be able to determine the activity of your pet!   There is a fun 3D avatar of your pet that you download onto your phone that mimics the movement of your actual pet, in real time, which has never been done before by any other pet wearable!

Want to make sure that your dog walker is actually walking your dog?

CLEO Collar will let you know when your dog leaves the house and for how long your dog is outdoors walking.  It will make you feel better that your pup is really getting his exercise and is not being over-exerted or in some cases, not walked enough!

CLEO Collar helps you stay prepared for your next vet visit!

All your dog or cat’s information is stored on the website of CLEO Collar so you can be certain that you know exactly what to expect at your next vet visit.  There won’t be any unforeseen surprises (or there shouldn’t be) and you will feel up to date and knowledgeable about your dog or cat’s health.

Cleo Collar also has health and fitness features for your pets

With CLEO Collar, all pet owners can learn more about their pets’ lives than ever before.  CLEO Collar offers a wide range of health and fitness features as well as a wellness management solution. Additionally, CLEO Collar is compatible to other sensor-based accessories, such as food dispensers so you can make sure they are working properly and your dog or cat isn’t being fed too much or too little.

CLEO Collar is giving to you and giving back!

With every purchase of CLEO Collar, you will receive $50.00 worth of coupons and discounts from top pet product vendors and nutrition experts.   Further, with every purchase of CLEO Collar, they will donate a percentage of their sales to help support the KW Humane Society.

There are so many reasons to purchase CLEO Collar, beside it being the most lightweight, comfortable, convenient, and versatile pet wearable on the market!  Make sure to visit their website and order one for your cat or dog.  You will be so happy you did and feel that you are that much closer to your beloved pet!  Order your CLEO Collar today:

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