The DOGGIE DON’T® Device – An Effective Tool to Stop A Dog’s Unwanted Behavior!
12 July, 2017
Doggie don't device

We all love our dogs dearly and want the best for them.  We try to give them everything they need including the right training. Some puppies or dogs are great with commands, while other dogs need a lot of practice or even a dog trainer.  Or maybe your dog just started jumping up, barking or counter surfing and you can’t seem to stop them!  Well, we just found an awesome device that can stop your dog’s unwanted behavior, The DOGGIE DON’T® Device!

What is The DOGGIE DON’T® Device?

The DOGGIE DON’T® Device is a hand held audible tool that will help you in correcting any unwanted behavior. The awesome device is based on proven audible sound aversion and is a pain-free way to get your dog’s attention.  The DOGGIE DON’T® Device makes a distinctive CRACKLING SOUND that both you and your dog can hear easily. The sound, like a stun gun but not as intense, gets your dogs’ attention and he will stop whatever he is doing.

How does The DOGGIE DON’T® Device change an unwanted behavior?

If you want to change a dog’s unwanted behavior, such as jumping or barking, the first step is always to try your command first, i.e. “Don’t Jump!”  If your dog continues to jump, than you trigger your device and the loud sounds will stop your dog form either jumping or barking.   Once your dog stops jumping, you then praise him and even a pat down! Never raise your voice and give your dog encouragement for the correct reaction to the command.

Watch how it works:


The Doggie Don’t® Device is super-convenient with a wrist strap and small enough to carry in a purse

Easy and convenient, the Doggie Don’t® Device comes with a wrist strap and is small enough to carry in a purse or small bag. There is one button to activate the sound. Just like with all training methods, you must use the device consistently with a firm voice and pre-chosen command in order to change a behavior and transform an anxious pup into a calm, happy pup!

The Doggie Don’t Device is an effective tool, but don’t use it a crutch!

The key is to success is to use your device consistently with a firm voice and a pre-chosen command.  The device is a tool not a crutch. The DOGGIE DON’T® Device was created to assist you in correcting unwanted behaviors and breaking your dog’s intense focus so that eventually your dog will respond to just your commands.  It always needs to be used in conjunction with your commands.

The DOGGIE DON’T® Device can also be used by joggers and bicyclists to deter or repel barking dogs and leash aggression that they encounter.  Just press it and jog on forward!

Tips to effectively use the DOGGIE DON’T® Device

Make sure you pick a command such as “don’t bark”, “hush”, or “off” and use it consistently. Once your dog stops the unwanted behavior, reward him with your voice or a treat. Never raise your voice- just be firm and consistent.  You must always be calm, loving and consistent with your command, voice and tone of voice. If you follow these steps your dog will quickly stop the unwanted behavior.

The goal, eventually, is to be able to say your commands without the need to use your device. Say your command, use your device properly and reward your dog for good behavior to transform your dog into a well-behaved and socialized pup.  It’s that simple!  The Doggie Don’t Inc. even donates devices to rescue groups and shelters. If you are a rescue group or shelter please feel free to contact them!

Make sure to buy a DOGGIE DON’T® Device today.  You will be so happy that you found this wonderful pain-free effective gadget and got rid of that unwanted behavior when nothing else worked!  Go to their site: The Doggie Don’t’ Device or you can find it here on Amazon!  You will be thrilled you did!

Here are some of the great testimonials about The DOGGIE DON’T® Device

“I’m not sure why this device works but it does. Lately our puppy has been whining and barking for attention when we have him out of his crate. We’ve been yelling “no bark” until we’re blue! I just remembered we have the Doggie Don’t, used it once and had a completely peaceful evening”  Lonny

“The Doggie Don’t is an effective tool for me to have as an option in my training programs. Paired with training, It effectively corrects unwanted behaviors. An excellent tool for any trainer or dog owner!” Michele

“This device works!!! It took me just 48 hours to stop the behavior that needed to be fixed. I volunteer at a well- known rescue here in Southern California … and I heartily recommend Doggie Don’t for humane and effective training. Thumbs up!” Dixie

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