The Fabulous VitusVet App Allows Pet Owners to Have Instant Access to their Pets’ Medical Records
20 July, 2015

We are all crazy about our beloved cat and dog family members and will do anything we can to help them remain healthy and thrive.  We try to feed them the best food, a great home and make sure to keep up with their annual veterinarian appointments.  We always want our pets to be up to date on any vaccinations they might need or any medical necessity.  But, sometimes our pets’ have an unexpected emergency and need to be rushed to a hospital and our veterinarian isn’t available to provide us with our pets’ medical records.  Well, the VitusVet app allows pet owners to have all our pets’ medical records handy on our phones!

What is the VitusVet App?

The VitusVet app is a life and sanity saving tool for pet owners. The VitusVet app is an easy way for pet owners to have your pets’ medical records handy right on our phone.  Simply download the app and then your veterinarian can share medically relevant portions of your pets’ medical records that are securely and automatically copied to the VitusVet cloud.  The VitusVet app makes it easy for you to share your pet’s medical or any relevant information with other veterinarians, boarding kennels and family members.  

Fabulous VitusVet App


The VitusVet App can help if your dog has an after hours’ emergency wherever you are

If your dog or cat has to go to the emergency room and it’s late at night when your veterinarian isn’t available, you will have all your pets’ medical records handy on your phone.  You can access and share your pet’s full medical records, including doctor notes about allergies and special treatment needs to make sure your pet receives the best care possible in the ER. It can literally save your pets’ life rather than waiting for your veterinarian to email or fax them your records the next day when time is of the essence. Or if you are traveling with your pet and an emergency occurs, you have all your pets’ medical records handy and don’t need to worry!

The VitusVet App can also be shared among family members

All members of your family and your extended pet care team will have login access to upload information and locate medical records through the VitusVet app. Just invite them to your pet’s care team and then your pet’s medical records handy and available for them.  If your pet does have an emergency and you can’t make it to the vet or emergency room, you have the peace of mind to know that your family has your pet’s medical records right on their phone.

The VitusVet App can also be great for your dog walkers and pet sitters

When you hire a dog walker or pet sitter, you are trusting that these professionals will take care of your fur babies.  If you go on a trip and your pet sitter can’t reach you, the VitusVet app will allow you to share all the pertinent medical information that they might need in the event of an emergency.  Or even something simple, such as a specific healthy snack or certain diet requirements that you would like your pet sitter or dog walker to know about.  Your pet sitter will also have the ability to add notes with pictures to keep you updated on the day.

The VitusVet App can also track the daily life and events of your pet

The VitusVet app not only tracks your pets’ medical records, but can also track daily items such as medication reminders, walk times, current brand of pet food and updates of when your next vet appointment is scheduled.  If your pet is on a certain medication, you can create medication and dosage reminders.  You can also take notes of your pet’s favorite pet food, grooming appointments and anything pet related!  

There are so many reasons to have the VitusVet App on your phone, the most important being that it can literally save your pets’ life.  Make sure to take a look at their site and download an app for your pet family at  You and your pet will be happy you did!



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