The Joke’s on You if You Haven’t Discovered Laughing Leashes Yet!
27 February, 2012

As the proud parent of two perfect (albeit insane) pups, I never really gave the whole leash thing much thought, until a friend-of-a-friend introduced me to the “Laughing Leash.” What a silly name I thought. Does the leash actually laugh? In any case, it came highly recommended and I decided to give it a whirl.

Mind you, my husband and I put a great deal of thought into our pups’ collars, toys, treats and food – but we never really bothered to consider leashes. I figured you had one of two choices:

1.   The Traditional leash … Either a leather or nylon type material that frequently gets tangled and/or cuts into your hand when your pups get a little too excited pulling you in the direction of other furry friends)  or

2.  The Retractable leash – Those leashes that have a seemingly endless elastic-esque lead that allows your pup to basically wander very far ahead of you, oftentimes tangling themselves around poles, trees, etc. Oh – and they feature the large, awkward plastic dispenser which houses the endless lead for your pup. Not a fan of these.

Likewise, for nearly a decade, I have opted for the traditional leash. Two plain black nylon leashes with no bells or whistles that essentially ‘do the job.’

But not anymore! Having now had two Laughing Leashes for a week, I am a convert. Not only are they cute – but they’re comfortable, practical and tangle-free.  And, they have just enough give to let your pups wander, but without wrapping themselves around inanimate objects, trees, other people or other pups.

We love our Laughing my Tail Off Leashes

And, having been an owner, I now understand the name too. You’ll seriously be laughing at yourself for not purchasing one of these leashes sooner. Additionally, Laughing Leashes donates a portion of its proceeds to various animal shelters and rescue organizations.   Can’t recommend these highly enough!

You can find these great leashes at:

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