The Maine Coon – A Beautiful and Fun Cat
17 January, 2012

There are so many different types and breeds of cats.  While I always talk about my orange and white tabby, Sammy, there is another fun beautiful cat breed called a Maine Coon.

Defining Characteristic

One of the most defining Maine Coon characteristics is his or her ears. They are large and wide, with long tufts coming out of them and lynx-like tufts on the tips. The ears of a young Maine Coon kitten that hasn’t quite grown into them are nothing less than adorable.

The face of the Maine Coon cat has an intelligent expression. When you look right into their large and round green, gold or copper eyes, it seems as if they really connect with you.  They are frequently described as having a feral expression. This term, meaning wild or untamed, goes completely against their actual temperament, which is mild, sweet and loving.

Body Size

When talking about Maine Coon characteristics, size is always mentioned. This is perhaps the most famous of all Maine Coon characteristics. No doubt about it, they are certainly big cats. A male usually weighs in at thirteen to eighteen pounds, and a female at nine to twelve pounds. There seem to be stories everywhere of cats weighing as much as twenty five pounds.  Those extra hefty cats are rare; any litter will have larger and smaller than average kittens.

A Maine Coon of the usual size, with that sturdy body and shaggy fur, is beautiful and unique.  A Maine Coon usually doesn’t reach his or her full size until around three years of age. They are typically slow to mature.

The body is described as rectangular. It’s a strong, sturdy, well-proportioned body. The neck is medium long, the chest is full and the legs are medium sized.  Nothing is overemphasized or out of proportion.


If you are just getting to know the Maine Coon cat, you will soon find out about his or her amazing personality.  These friendly, affectionate, loving, goofy cats have a personality that is equal to their size. A big Maine Coon cat is large in size and personality.

The cool Maine Coon personality sets these cats apart from the crowd. It is the reason they have so many loyal fans.

Social not shy Cats

Maine Coon cats are very social.   A Maine Coon prefers to be in the company of his family, much like a dog.  You can count on your Coon to be there to greet you every morning and every time you get home. And yes, they come when called.  And when your company arrives, he or she won’t run under the bed, but will be right next to you to greet the guests. They will be surprised to meet such a friendly cat.

While Sammy is the best cat on the planet, the Maine Coon can be a close second!

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