The Perch Pet Nest – A Comfortable and Fashionable Pet Bed!
16 November, 2017
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We want our dogs and cats to have only the best food, toys and accessories to make them happy.  We even like to provide them with their own pet beds or places to lounge.  But, having pet beds around the house can get and look a bit cluttered.  Well, The Perch Pet Nest is a great solution as it is an innovative pet bed that looks like furniture and your pets will love!

What is the Perch Pet Nest?

The Perch Pet Nest is a new way of looking at the pet bed. Using an elevated approach, the Pet Nest gives your furry family member his or her own special place to lounge AND it looks great in your house. The Pet Nest was designed to integrate into your home and become a part of it.  With its basket shape, it can fit in any room, look fabulous and your pets will love the comfort and elevation!

The Perch Pet Nest is a pet bed, piece of furniture and more!

The Perch Pet Nest is a uniquely designed to look like a piece of furniture.  And your cat or dog will love the comfort of the bed.

The Pet Nest features include:

Breathable design:

The Perch Pet Nest was designed to breathe, creating ventilation and air flow. This helps your pets stay cool and relaxed while he or she is resting.


The Perch Pet Nest has a custom “Hound’s Tooth” fashion insert that looks awesome!

Two-part easy assembly:

The powder coated steel frame comes in two parts; an upper frame and a lower frame. These two parts fit together snug, making it super easy to assemble and break down.

Removable cushion

The Perch Pet Nest comes with a removable cushion with a custom fabric print. This cushion is machine washable so your pet’s bed can stay clean and smelling great!  The cushion also includes a soft warm insert pad.   You can purchase replacement cushions with different designs so you can change them out and keep your chair up to date and fashionable!

The Perch Pet Nest is best for kittens, puppies, cats and dogs up to 35 pounds.

There are so many reasons to buy the Perch Pet Nest.  The most important is that you and your pets will love it.   It really is a designer pet bed that is easy to assemble and will look good in your home, living room, bedroom, mobile home or RV.  The Perch Pet Nest is a great gift for the holidays or any day!  You can find them at Perch Pet Products!

Customer Testimonials:

I LOVE this bed. I bought 2, one for my cats and one for my dog. 2 of my cats love to hide, and one loves to “perch” so it is so perfect, I recommend the hidey hole add on thing. I was surprised to see the weight limit for dogs! My dog likes it and being raised off the ground keeps her a little warmer than laying on the ground. She also likes to be close to me, so this gets her closer to me without her laying with my husband, the baby, and I in our bed!”  Sascha

“I watch how the dogs take preference to the dog perch over the sofa. Seems they feel protected and safer! Being able to wash the bedding, keeping it clean is a great plus.”  Murva Justice

“Extremely well made product that also looks great! Our foster kittens curl up in it, and are so snug and cozy on the ultra-soft pad. They seem to really like being up a little higher, where they feel more secure. It would be perfect for a small dog as well”.  Pamela

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