The Potty Rink – The Best Indoor Potty Station for Dogs!
2 October, 2017
potty rink

If you are like many dog owners and live in an apartment or condominium, you are faced with the daily and sometimes annoying task of taking your dog outside to potty. You can train your dog to use potty pads, but The Potty Rink makes the process so much easier.  It provides a defined space and is so much better than just throwing pads on the floor and expecting your dog to have good aim.  It can get messy.

What’s included in the set?

The Potty Rink comes with four walls, a form-fit tray, and a 2oz. bottle of attractant solution made with three safe ingredients.  Grass labels are included as well and can be easily changed to suit your decorative mood.  For the fashionistas, there are a variety of label designs such as birthday, princess tiara and football.   You can use either washable pads (one included) or paper pads in the station.

The Potty Rink design is sleek- looking and will look great anywhere in your home!               

The Potty Rink is both functional and decorative.  It’s super easy to assemble and the walls can be put together without any tools.  It takes only seconds! It even stores flat for easy travel.  And when you do travel, just take the walls and washable pad and put them in your luggage.  Your dog will feel comfortable knowing where his or her designated spot is, no matter where you are.

Training Ideas to make house-breaking efficient

After your puppy wakes up from a nap or it’s been 20-30 minutes since his or her last drink, pick your puppy up and place him in the station.  Have a small treat ready, let her sniff around and keep her in the station for a couple of minutes.  Try not to use too much talking, just keep placing him or her back in the station with a simple command like “go potty”.  Make the experience fun and calm, all at the same time. You might need to use a leash on your puppy for the first few visits, but soon the process will become second nature.

Here are what customers are saying about the Potty Rink:

If you have a small dog that goes on papers or pee pads, you will want to use the Potty Rink. I just got one about three weeks ago.  Macy, our little rescue, uses the Potty Rink and now we don’t have any more run over messes. I love this thing…it keeps everything neat and clean. – Chris B., Maryland

My two puppies love the Potty Rink, they are both trained and have no accidents. – Peg B., Brookfield, IL

The Potty Rink is very easy to set up, keep clean and travel with. My Chihuahua knows where he can go potty when I’m not home.  It’s comforting to know that he never has to wait and compared to other products, the high walls really helped him know exactly where to go. – April R., Corpus Texas

You can find the Potty Rink and accessories on Amazon!

If you are looking for a new way to help promote this American and Veteran created product, please check out their kickstarter campaign to learn more.

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