The Smart Pet Tag™ by PetHealthLocker – A Unique ID Tag that Will Get Your Lost Pet Home Safely!
16 August, 2016
smart pet id tag

Our biggest fear as pet owners is that our beloved dog or cat will either run away or simply get lost trying to find his way home.  Some pets are microchipped which can be effective, but it isn’t easy to get your pet home right away.   And, that’s where the Smart Pet Tag™ can alleviate your worries.  It is physical Unique ID tag that will get your pet home to you safely and quickly in two easy steps.

What is the Smart Pet Tag™?

The Smart Pet Tag™ is an adorable-looking ID tag that attaches to your dog or cat’s collar.  Each dog or cat has a unique identification number and you can choose from pink or blue and two sizes: small is 7/8” and large is 1.25”.  If your pet is lost and someone finds it, all they have to do is either scan the bar code or enter the ID number on the tag and they will find your pets’ profile and your contact information is right there in front of them.  It’s that simple!

Microchipping your pet is important, but having a physical tag or id tag is crucial!

Every dog or cat needs to have some sort of identification on them at all times.  Even if your pet is microchipped, it does not necessarily mean that your cat or dog can be found that easily.  Not all rescues and/or vets have a way to easily scan your pet’s information and a physical ID is much easier to read.  If someone finds your lost pet and see a physical identification tag, they can just scan the ID tag and call or text you immediately with very little effort involved.  Or maybe the vet office is closed and it’s after hours, then the Smart Pet Tag™ can work its magic.

Each pet has a personal profile on PetHealthLocker

Each pet has a profile that contains information with the pets name, picture, their address, and a message about them and their personality. Maybe your pet has a health issue or doesn’t like to be picked up.  The information provided can alert the person of how to handle your dog or cat.  The profile also has room for two owner’s names and phone number.  If the number listed is a mobile number, anyone that finds your pet can text you a map of the pet’s current location!   How great is that!

Here is how the Smart Pet Tag™ works:

You purchase a Smart Pet Tag™ and then download the PetHealthLocker App from the Apple App Store or Android Google Play.  Press the pet tag logo on the startup screen to create an account and profile, and register the tag.  And you are done!  If someone finds your dog or cat, they scan or enter the id on the tag, view the profile and can contact you immediately.  Easy breezy!

PetHealthLocker also provides storage of all your pets’ records on its safe and secure site

Your pet’s record are secure at PetHealthLocker!  They treat your pet’s records as they would human records.  They use HTTPS and SSL for all pages. All stored passwords are encrypted and they abstract all file names. Safe and Secure!

PetHealthLocker has the additional benefit of keeping all your pets’ health records in one place.  

PetHealthLocker gives you access to all your immunization records anywhere anytime.  If you need to board your pet or have an after-hours emergency, you have your pets’ health records, medical history and any other information you may need.  You can also put your vet’s information and contact information.   You don’t ever have to worry about having your pets’ vaccination records with you when dropping your pet off to a groomer or boarding your pet.  They will always be in your phone (and no one forgets their phone!)

The Smart Pet Tag™ by PetHealthLocker is a must-have for any pet owner.  It is the easiest way to get your pet back to you and home safely any time of the day!  And it’s great to have all your pet’s medical history right on your phone. Make sure to purchase one for your all pets today.  You can find it on Amazon:  PetHealthLocker, and other retailers soon.  You and your pet will be happy you did!  For more information, go to: PetHealthLocker!

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