The Swaddleshirt is An Adorable Shirt for Dogs That Helps Curb Anxiety!
12 October, 2016
swaddleshirt stops anxiety

Our dogs are such sweet, sensitive animals and bring us so much joy. We, in turn hate to see our dogs scared or anxious when holidays like July 4th occur or even from a loud thunderstorm.  And, we don’t want to medicate our dogs every time they are anxious and try to find other ways to keep our dogs calm.  Well, the Swaddleshirt is the answer to you and of course, your dogs’ anxiety!

What is the Swaddleshirt?

The Swaddleshirt is an adorable t-shirt for your dog that fits snugly, yet comfortably over your dogs’ body. These snug-fitting shirts target various pressure points, creating a sensation similar to swaddling a baby. The design uses acupressure and gentle, constant, maintained pressure to help calm your dog.  The Swaddleshirt has been tested and perfected over the past year with foster dogs to great success.

How is the Swaddleshirt different from the other anxiety shirts for pets?

The Swaddleshirt is made from lightweight material used for sportswear that comforts your pet with its cooling effect. Unlike the other anxiety shirts, the Swaddleshirt does not have any Velcro or fasteners.  You can just slip the shirt over your dog’s head, pull the front legs through and pull down over the chest and belly.  The Swaddleshirt moves and stretches with your dog’s activities and does not impede their normal walks or activities.

The Swaddleshirt fit should be snug to maximize the swaddling effect, but not to worry, your dog will love the feel of the shirt.

When Should the Swaddleshirt be used?

Veterinarians and dog trainers frequently recommend this drug-free option for dogs that suffer from anxiety.  The Swaddleshirt can alleviate the following conditions: separation anxiety, hyperactivity, insecurity, and shyness. These conditions can lead to many unwanted behaviors in dogs.  The swaddling effect of the Swaddleshirt helps to lessen anxiety during thunderstorms, fireworks, separation anxiety and even travel.

The Swaddleshirt can be a great relief for your dog when you go on a vacation or even for a long car drive.  If you just adopted a dog and he or she is a bit skittish, the Swaddleshirt can help reduce your dogs’ anxiety.

The Swaddleshirt comes in various sizes to fit your pet just right

The Swaddleshirt comes in various shapes and sizes to fit your dog just right.  There is also custom sizing as you can send the measurements of your dog on their contact form and order a custom swaddleshirt that will fit your dog.  From the Chihuahua to the Great Dane, the Swaddleshirt has a shirt that will fit your pooch just right.

Customer Testimonials

Read what customers are saying about the Swaddleshirt:

I wish I knew about this for my last adopted dog “Rudy” who was extremely aggressive when she first came to us from a shelter. After a year she trusted us completely and became the best dog ever but never adjusted to riding in the car. She would literally try to jump through the window to “attack” other cars, especially trucks and vibrate from fear. We didn’t take her out in a vehicle if at all possible but that is not an option for everyone. – Dorothea

Attention- anyone with dogs! This is the greatest thing that has ever been on the market if you own a dog who suffers from ANY form of anxiety, being separation anxiety, noise anxiety, or just general nervousness.  I have one for my dog Mya, who was very anxious. She loves this shirt. It is comfy, and breathable. She wears it while we go for walks in new areas, while we have guests over, and when there is a thunderstorm. It is light, breathable, and comfy for her to wear all day if she needs it. – Katrina

Make sure to buy your dog a Swaddleshirt today!  They are not only adorable, but will help calm your dog which will, of course, calm you too!  You can find them at  And if you buy a Swaddleshirt for your dog in October, all the proceeds will go to cancer research in honor of “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”!!

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