The Tokinese Cat – A Unique Combination of Siamese and Burmese!
18 May, 2015
Tokinese Cat

The Tonkinese Cat is a human designed breed with the mixture of crossing a Siamese and Burmese breed.  This beautiful kitty is medium in size, solid, and very muscular, and usually weighs 6 to 8 pounds.  With a medium haired, fine silky coat, your Tonkinese won’t shed as much as some other cats and are great indoor cats.   The Tonkinese is chatty, loving and a great cat for kids.

The Tonkinese physical features

Because the Tonkinese started off as a “designer” breed, three coat patterns have become the most common: solid, like the Burmese; pointed (or pale with darker extremities), like the Siamese; and mink, a combination of the two.  The mink is the most popular pattern; the shading is subtle and not as pronounced as the pointed pattern. Mink is generally referred to as a dark coloring, but it also refers to the texture of the fur. The mink can also be in champagne or platinum, for example.  Tonkinese generally have a slim, muscular build.

Tokinese Cat

One of the best known features of the Tonkinese is the beautiful aqua colored eyes that make their breed stand out with the silky mink coat. The appearance of aqua coloring in the eyes is actually a very carefully selected combination of yellow to green, balanced with light reflection. With the reflection of light the eyes appear to be aqua, and will reflect differently depending on the available light, as well as the time of day, just as the blue of the sky appears to change color.

The Tonkinese is a very active cat

The Tonkinese is very active, but not hyperactive. She or he run through the house, making its own little stampede of sound, and flip around like a circus monkey. They make very amusing companions and love to entertain family and guests. But, they can also sit contentedly, affectionately kissing and cuddling with their objects of devotion. They make for wonderful lap cats.

The Tonkinese craves affection, expects it, demands it in her loving way as the Tonkinese is not aloof or snobby. These beautiful kitties are fun to be around, with a good temperament and sense of humor, and they love to carry on conversations. The Tonkinese is a talker and will speak and expects you to understand every word he or she is saying. The Tonkinese is a happy cat that will get along great with children and other pets and will be a constant source of joy, laughter and love.

The Tonkinese does not like to be alone for long and will get into mischief if it is bored too often. This is one of the most playful breeds of cats, it needs to play. If you must leave your cat alone it would be best to have a fellow cat to keep it company.  Why not adopt two Tonkinese!

The Tonkinese is a very healthy cat

One of the more fortunate aspects of being a cross breed is that the Tonkinese does not have any health issues. They are a healthy and vigorous breed with great temperaments and strong genes. This is one ‘designer’ breed that has taken time to really breed the mix and therefore it is a healthy cat.  The Tonkinese has been bred solely with other Tonkinese, and that is because of the conscientious selection process of the early breeders.

Tonkinese cats are mischievous and you need to be prepared

Since Tonkinese are rambunctious cats, it is always a good idea to cat proof your home.  The Tonkinese doesn’t mean to do any harm, but it loves to have fun, and it would be wise to place your breakable treasures in safe locations, where they cannot be knocked over. Its love of play can make it careless in other ways as well, and it is strongly recommended as an indoor only cat.  Look around your home for anything that might be construed as dangerous and make necessary adjustments. 

Tonkinese love to play with toys

The Tonkinese are very active cats and love to play with toys.  It is good to keep them around to make sure your kitty can keep himself busy when you aren’t around. A scratching post, toys to knock around and chase, and a generally safe environment are all that you need to feel that your Tonkinese is safe and busy!


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