The TORUS™ Bowl – A Water Bowl, System and Supplement Dispenser All-In-One!
2 May, 2016

Every pet owner knows how important it is to keep our dogs and cats hydrated at all times.  We want to make sure that they drink enough fresh water and that the bowl they drink from is safe and durable.  And, sometimes, we are in such a rush that we forget to leave fresh water out!  Well, Torus™ Bowl is a pet parent’s dream come true… a water system, bowl and dispenser all in one!

What is the TORUS™ Bowl?

TORUS™ is a watering system, portable storage bowl, and supplement dispenser all in one! The TORUS™ bowls stores either 2-liters or1-liter of water inside its reservoir, assuring there is enough clean water that is protected from dust and contaminants.  Where typical water bowls often contain a small amount of water which tends to spill or evaporate, the TORUS™ bowl retains fresh, clean water all day long. And stagnant water is prone to dirt and dust which we want to avoid for our pets!

Here is how the TORUS™ Bowl Works:

1. Stored water is contained inside the TORUS™ walls.
2. Fresh water is drawn from the walls through the carbon filter.
3. The filtered water flows out into the drinking well where it is kept at an optimum level.

Each time your dog or cat takes a sip of water, fresh replacement water automatically flows from the storage area into the drinking well (without the need for batteries or power supply). As the water fills, it passes through a carbon filter, maintaining fresh water in the bowl.  What’s ideal about the bowl is that the active carbon in the replaceable filter reduces the impurities, trace elements, and flavors from tap water.

TORUS™ uses replacement filters to keep the water fresh

The TORUS™  watering bowl uses activate carbon to remove any impurities, to ensure your pet has access to clean, fresh, water every time. Each filter comprises a plastic molded cone with perforated walls which allow water to “flow through”.   Each filter lasts for approximately a month, so each replacement pack of five filters gives your pet approximately five months of fresh, clean water. The TORUS™ watering bowl comes with one filter to get you started.

The TORUS™ bowl is sturdy and easy to clean

The TORUS™ bowl is exceptionally stable. Its low-profile and soft rubber feet help prevent accidental spills from boisterous pets or anyone else in the kitchen. The water level in the bowl is always high enough to allow easy drinking, but low enough to minimize water spills and splashes.

The TORUS™ Bowl is also great for traveling with your pets

TORUS™ is a portable storage bowl which is ideal for travel. The valve position, when locked, secures stored water inside the bowl walls so you can take TORUS™ with you wherever you go. It’s completely mobile and ideal for travel by RV or boat, trips to the park, beach, hiking or anywhere you take your pet!

TORUS™ can also become a water – fountain

More than a bowl – TORUS™ is a hybrid of a bowl and water fountain – giving you the benefits of each to become a true, portable watering system for your pets.   The bowls are available in red, blue, charcoal and pink (1-liter only).

TORUS™ come with a one-year warranty!

TORUS™ comes with a 12-month warranty and doesn’t requite batteries or any other power source.  Replacement filters are supplied in packs of five.  Each filter gives you a month of clean water for your pet. The 2L bowl is ideal for multiple pet homes or larger pets, while the 1L bowl is perfect for smaller pets.

There’s a reason why TORUS™ was named the #1 best-selling dog bowl in the US, according to’s Cyber Monday results and just received the “Product Innovation of the Year” award from the United Kingdom’s Pet Product Marketing in February, as well as the “Pet Product New Editors Choice Award” AND the “Pet Insight Vanguard” award as well as seen on QVC!!!  We are so proud to have TORUS ™as one of our launch sponsors! Make sure to get one for your pet – at or on their site:

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