@TheFurMom Shares 10 Reasons Why it’s Good to be One of Her Dogs
29 January, 2013

Guest post by Kimberly Gauthier, Editor in Chief of Keep the Tail Wagging

Sometimes I look at our dogs and think “man, you guys are spoiled.”  And then I correct myself, because our dogs are loved (but possibly a little spoiled).  Last night, I sat on the sofa and allowed all three of our dogs to jockey for a position on my lap, which inspired me to share a little bit about their day to day life and why it’s so good.  Despite the fact that I have a blog dedicated to the trio.

In no particular order…

1.  Our dogs have furniture privileges.  My boyfriend has dubbed our sectional “The Most Expensive Dog Bed in the World.”  I’m pretty sure Paris Hilton can dispute that claim.  One of the rules my boyfriend had was that the dogs weren’t to be allowed on the furniture, but then he’d pick them up (they were puppies) and put them on his lap.  I couldn’t convince them that they didn’t know the difference.  One day I went to Goodwill and picked up five Pier One Imports throws for $20.  They’ve been couch potatoes ever since.

2.  I like to spice up their meals.  Kibble isn’t enough for our babies.  Not even kibble produced by my favorite food company, Halo Pets.  I took it one step further and introduced our pups to Nature’s Balance and buy the food rolls to chop up and mix with the kibble.  More soft food?  That’s when I return to Halo Pets for their canned food – mixed in with the Spot’s Stew kibble gives our dogs a yummy treat.  Oh, I’m not finished.  Twice a week, we add fish oil to their food – they love it and it’s great for their skin, coat, joints, and brain functions.  Gotta keep our dogs smart.

3.  We created a game just for them.  When “Give it To Mommy” is uttered, even whispered, the dogs jump up and look for a toy.  Sydney comes directly to me bouncing from side to side in anticipation.  And then I chase the dogs from room to room trying to take a toy away.  They join in and it turns into a game of tag and keep-away.  It’s hilarious and quickly brought about the need to teach our dogs “Drop It” for when I really do want them to give me the toy.

4.  Seven dog beds.  We have three dogs who have furniture privileges and we own seven dog beds.  And by the time this article is published, I bet we have at least one more.  The best dog bed we own is the Ortho Bliss Memory Foam bed.  The dog bed that’s lasted the longest is from Costco; but we bought it from Craigslist.  It’s nearly 3 years old.  The most durable dog beds are Kong dog beds and we’ve only found them at PetSmart who puts them on sale at the crazy price of $30-$35 and I snatch up a couple each year.  I think we need 1 more now that we have 3 dogs.

5.  Lots of hugs and kisses.  Each of our dogs are used to getting loads of love and attention and I spend a lot of time making sure they know that they are loved, gorgeous, and smart.  They’re basically the best dogs ever and thank heavens they’re canine, because if they were human, they’d be impossible with the big heads I’d given them.

6.  Shaking up the walks.  We have a local dog park, but I’m not a fan of dog parks (dog owners depend too heavily on them for socialization and exercise).  The dogs never know where we’re going when I say “let’s go bye bye.”  Are we walking on the trail that borders our property, through the woods between our neighbors’ properties, driving to the field near the dog park, or someplace else?  I’m convinced that the more sniffing they can do, the more fun they’ll have.

7.  Off leash walks.  And speaking of walks; 99% of our walks are leash free so our dogs get to run ahead and come back.  I started walking them off leash when someone pointed out that if we walk a mile, they dogs walk 3 miles, because of all the back and forth they do.  As the mom to three Cattle Dog mix pups, I was sold immediately and took the leashes off.  The dogs love it and when I do pull out the leash, they understand that it’s only temporary (when we see joggers or other dog walkers).

8.  Of course you can have a play date.  Yes, we schedule play dates for our dogs.  We have friends who have a giant Great Dane named Zues and he loves to come over and stretch his legs on our 5 acres and our dogs chase after him.  Well, Rodrigo and Blue chase after him.  Sydney stays with me (she’s not a fan).

9.  Vacation with the dogs.  I’m in the process of scheduling our 2013 vacation with the dogs.  We’ll rent a house for 3-5 days and pack up the dogs to take them with us.  They love the trip, the new sights and smells, and (most of all) sleeping in the bed with us.  They have their own room at home, but the rules are off on vacation.  They are such bed hogs.

10.  They have their own room and yard.  We live on 5 unfenced acres, but the dogs have ¼ acre of fenced property that borders their bedroom.  They have indoor / outdoor access all day long when we’re at work and then join the family on our expensive dog bed, aka our sectional, when we come home and relax for the evening.

We look at our dogs and laugh, because they truly do have a wonderful life.  My dream is to live on 100+ acres and have the time, money and room to bring home two more dogs that get to enjoy the life of Rodrigo, Sydney and Blue.

Now it’s YOUR turn! Share why your pet has it good…

About the Author: Kimberly Gauthier is the Editor in Chief of Keep the Tail Wagging and offers dog care tips to dog owners.  She also distributes the weekly newsletter, Blogging in My Pajamas.  When she’s not gabbing about dogs and blogging, she’s hanging out with three dogs, her dog co-parent, and planning to take over the world.

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