Think Senior Pets when Adopting!
12 August, 2014

If you are looking to adopt a new dog (or cat), you are probably like most people and want to bring home a puppy or kitten.  While most people do gravitate towards the younger ones, you really should think about adopting an older or senior dog (or even middle aged)!  Of course, they won’t be with you as long as younger one, but there are many advantages, the most important being that they are the hardest to adopt.

There are other reasons to adopt an older dog!

How do you like your sleep?

With younger puppies, the likelihood of their sleeping through the night is fairly minimal.  Younger puppies’ bladders are not fully developed and can usually last only four hours before they need to be let out of the house.  However, with an older dog, the chances are pretty high that you can get a full night’s sleep.  It might take them a day or two to adjust to the new surroundings, but they already have their bladders in check and will be more patient throughout the night and even when you are away during the day.

Easier to train

While some older dogs are a little set in their ways, most senior dogs are much easier to train.  The older dogs are more relaxed and have a greater attention span.  Therefore, they look and listen more readily.  Think of taking an older dog on a walk as opposed to a puppy.  You don’t have to start with the leash training again as older dogs inherently know how to walk with you.  However, a puppy is all over the place and excited whereas an older dog is less likely to run off and ignore you.

Adopt me, won’t you?!

And, most puppies, are teething and like to play a little rougher so who knows what they will eat or chew.    With an older dog, they are usually house trained and less likely to rip up your furniture since they don’t have that abundant energy source and have already been through that phase of their life.  Their teething phase is over and done!

Senior dogs are less likely to have ‘accidents’

Not only will you be able to sleep through the night more soundly with an older dog, but you will have a lot less ‘clean up’ from the start.  It is common knowledge that puppies go through the housebreaking process and will most likely leave their little puddles of well, you know what, all over the house.  And an older dog will adjust readily to your home and be less accident prone.

Senior dogs are more predictable

Another advantage of adopting an older dog is that they are more predictable in their behavior patterns.  You usually see what you get.  While an adopted dog might be timid; in time, with the proper love and care, your new furry canine will become your new best friend.  On the other hand, a puppy has so much growing up to do that their behavior is less predictable in the long term.  You aren’t quite sure what kind of grown up dog they will become.

You are giving an older dog a new home

The most important reason (as mentioned above) to adopt an older dog is that they are usually in the shelter longer.  You are truly giving this dog a chance in life.  Most puppies are the first to go and the easiest to adopt.  Therefore you are not only giving the dog a new home, but sparing him or her for life in a kennel or even worse.

Next time you are ready to adopt a dog, please keep the senior dogs (or cats) in mind as they can be just as special and a much quicker adjustment to your home.

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