TickZapper® Removes the Entire Tick (Including Mouthparts!) – Without Risk of Human Contact!
13 April, 2018
The Tickzapper


Spring is Here! And with its arrival and the great weather, we love to spend time outdoors with our animals. Even if we practice the best measures to keep our dogs and cats tick-free, there are times when a tick will attack…full force! You typically have between twenty-four and thirty-six hours to remove an attached tick before disease transmission occurs. It is crucial that an embedded tick be removed quickly  – and safely – to keep your pets safe!

There is only ONE tool on the market today that removes an entire tick (including mouthparts!) – quickly, safely, & easily – without risk of human contact. That tool is the TickZapper!®

What IS The TickZapper®?

The revolutionary, patented TickZapper® is a fantastic tick removal tool that is super easy-to-use and quickly removes the entire tick (including mouthparts!) – without human contact…keeping both you and your pet safe!  TickZapper® securely captures and contains the tick in its unique encapsulation chamber. When you capture the tick, you don’t have to worry about it living on and finding its next host! Using patented technology, the self-energizing (No Batteries – Reusable – Always Ready!) gently stuns the tick, prompting it to release (including those dirty mouthparts embedded in your pet!)

TickZapper® Is Super Easy To Use!

Press the clear lever, place over the tick, release.  Press green button twice to gently stun the tick, prompting it to release (including mouthparts!). Turn clockwise and pull directly outward.  ALL DONE! Send your securely contained tick away for analysis, dispose of the tick, or relocate it…your choice! SEE HOW TickZapper® WORKS:


Weighing only once ounce, TickZapper® is easy to carry in a pocket, purse, or backpack! Hand Made & Tested in the USA. Made BY Pet Parents FOR Pet Parents! Tested & Approved by Veterinarians.  Thirty Day  money-back guarantee; FREE shipping, One year manufacturer’s warranty!

Don’t be caught off guard, always do your tick checks immediately after outdoor activities…and be prepared!  You don’t wait until you need a light bulb to buy one! Have Your TickZapper® on hand and ready to go!  Buy your TickZapper® today at TickZapper.com!

VETS LOVE TickZapper®!  See Dr. Hammond (“Vet to the Stars!”) on NBC! CLICK HERE!  

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