Tips for an Over Active Dog
15 October, 2012

My friend, Denise, has a dog named George who is a bit “hyperactive” or as I like to call him, overly active.   George has trouble sleeping and seems to be more active than the normal pup.  Denise has had many dogs so she knows that George is not behaving as he should.   Below are some tips to help reign in an overly active dog.

Check with your veterinarian

As always, the first place to start when you have an issue with your dog is your vet.  Make sure that your pup has received all of his or her vaccinations.   There is a distemper vaccine which tends to calm an overly active dog.   Your vet can tell you if this is the correct vaccine for your dog.

Exercise is key!

A dog that has boundless energy needs a way to release this energy.  If your dog is overly active, he or she needs to be walked and/or run more than the normal dog. Take your dog on long walks or hikes; turn him loose in a fenced yard or other area where he can run and expend his excess energy.

Consider working out with your dog. For example, if you jog, you could take your dog running with you.  An overly active dogs needs to be exercised a little more often and strenuously than your normal dog.  Try to take your dog out at least two times a day.

If you don’t have a lot of time to exercise with your dog, try to set up a play date for him or her. Having another dog to run and play with can give your dog an outlet for his boundless energy. By giving him a friend, you also give him someone to keep him company.

Create a calm home environment for your pup

Try to create a calm home environment. Pets often react to their environment. They can also react to the emotions of their human family members. If your household is loud, boisterous and energetic, your dog may be behaving appropriately to his surroundings.

Soothe your high-energy dog with soft music and/or nature sounds. Although this might not work with every sound, it does seem to have a beneficial effect on some dogs. Try classical melodies or sometimes even the television can help calm your pup.

Distract your dog with toys

Distraction is a great way to divert your overly active dog.  When your dog acts up, try to refocus your dog’s attention by offering him a toy to distract your pup. His favorite toy or treat should do the trick to keep him calm and busy for hours.  Try a kong or a nice big dog bone!

Hire a dog trainer

A dog trainer can help you and your pup learn the basic dog training commands and teach your dog to slow down or stop when prompted. A professional dog trainer will give you tips that you probably never thought of trying to calm your pup down.  It is certainly worth the investment and time.

With a little time and effort, you can calm down an overly active dog.  Good luck!

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