Tips For Cats That Meow Too Much
28 August, 2012

I know that my cat Sammy meows a lot, but sometimes a cat will start crying/meowing a lot more than is common for that particular cat.  Some breeds, such as the Siamese cats, meow all the time.  Other breeds are typically not as vocal.

As a cat owner, you know what is excessive for your cat, so if he or she meows too much, the below will help you decipher what might be the cause and/or how you can change the behavior.

Take your cat to your Veterinarian

First, if your kitten or cat has been meowing more often than usual, take your beloved to your veterinarian.  Your cat might be sick or have something stuck in his or her fur that you can’t detect and your vet will know where to check.  If your cat is OK and not ill or injured, then you need to look at some other factors.

Has your home or your cat’s surroundings changed?

If you have moved, brought another feline friend into your home or even changed your work schedule, this could cause your cat to start meowing.  Some cats are so sensitive that even moving their cat bed or rearranging your couch can throw him or her off.  But, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t change your environment or life, just be aware that a sensitive cat might take time to adjust to this and meow!

Your cat could meow for attention

Your cat might be manipulating you as he or she could have learned that all she has to do is meow and she gets whatever she wants – food, attention, and/or affection. (I am definitely guilty of this when Sammy wants food and meows at his bowl!  What first started out as a one-time cry for attention can become a habit since your cat gets the desired result. The meowing can even become excessive if your cat is lonely or bored or maybe he or she wants a companion!

So, how do your break the meowing habit?

The first way to break the meowing habit is to make sure that your cat exercises or plays around the house.  Of course, a cat needs some guidance in doing so and it is your job to bring out the cat toys and play with him or her.  If you throw a mouse or get a fly – fishing rod and make your cat run in circles, it will expend his or her energy and he or she will usually be too pooped to talk!

Train your cat that excessive meowing is not OK

When your cat starts to meow excessively, walk away.  Ignore your kitty and wait until he or she quiets down.  Each time you give in to your cat’s verbal demands, you are reinforcing the unwanted behavior.  However, if you wait until your cat is quiet, he or she will soon learn to associate silence with rewards.

Some cats enjoy talking and some owners enjoy their cat’s chatting to them. But if you want a few moments of peace, you can teach your cat to be quiet on request. Gently ask your cat to ‘quiet down’.  If your cat ignores you, then clap your hands loudly. After a few repetitions, your cat will get the idea and obey the gentle request of ‘quiet down’ rather than being startled.  You won’t scare your cat permanently, but just a temporary ‘time out’.

Meowing is fun, but excessive meowing is annoying and could be troublesome.

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