Tips for Grooming Your Dog
10 December, 2013

We all like to have a clean smelling dog that occupies our home and usually bed.  And, while you can always take your dog(s) to the groomer for a really good hair cut and grooming, a bath is a simple and effective way to get your dog clean.  A lot of dog owners have trouble cleaning their dogs and sometimes it’s just the right supplies and attitude to get the job done.

Below are some tips that just might help you bathe your dog:

Make sure to let your pup know that this is fun!

Make sure that your attitude is of an upbeat nature before even starting the process.  If you have a positive outlook, then your dog might enjoy it more.  If, however, you make it seem as if you are tentative and nervous, your dog will sense that and run the other way.

Take your dog for a long walk before you start the bath

You should first take your dog for a long walk or run before you even start the process.  A tired dog is a less resistant and more relaxed dog.   Your pup will certainly be more up for it if he is tired and even dirty from being outdoors.

Have all your supplies ready to go!

Make sure you collect everything you’ll need for the bath in advance: shampoo, conditioner, and towels should be within your reach from the tub. Put a nonstick bath mat in the tub to keep your dog’s feet from slipping out from under him. Have the water temperature set to lukewarm for your dog’s comfort.

The bathing process

As I mentioned above, your attitude it extremely important in making the bathing a successful and enjoyable encounter.  Bathing your dog is just one more form of affection and bonding with your dog and your upbeat attitude is essential.

Get your dog and lead him to the bathroom

Without saying a word, go and get your dog. Don’t call him to you; just make it a low key endeavor.  Put a slip leash on your dog in a no-nonsense manner and lead him to the bathtub. Put him in the tub and start wetting your pup down with a gentle stream of water first.  (Or for a first time have a bucket filled with water close by and start by hand-washing your pup).

Once your pup is used to the pressure, you can increase the intensity of the water. Begin at his neck and shoulders and work your way down his body, leaving his face for last. Make sure to rinse him thoroughly so no irritating shampoo is left behind.

If your dog becomes agitated or fearful at any time during this process, your job is to remain calm and in control. Don’t comfort him or it will only nurture his fear. Remaining cool and undeterred will show your dog that there’s nothing to fear and keep moving forward.

Time to dry off

Once the bath is over, towel-dry your dog off well and/or dry him gently using a blow dryer. Your dog’s first instinct will be to shake himself off, so be prepared.  And, then once all is done, make sure to give your dog some treats for being such a great sport.

While the tips above are seemingly straight forward, it all begins with your attitude.  Most dogs love water which is why they take to swimming.  So, once you bathe your dog once, the process should get easier the next time you bathe your pup.

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