Tips to Get the Smell Out of Your Car if your Dog Has an Accident
4 September, 2012

If you bring your dog to work with you or you travel a lot with your pup in the car, it is expected that your dog might have an accident once in a while.  The first tip for traveling with pets is to make sure to have an old blanket or towel across the seats or dog covers that can be found in pet stores.   A cover will not only protect your interior and prevent odors, dirt, and fur from getting into the car seats themselves, they can also be easily removed and tossed into the washing machine.

However, if your dog does have an accident catching you unprepared, below are some tips to help get the smell out in the immediate future:

1.  You can place a small bowl of baking soda in the car overnight to see if it absorbs the smell.  It is recommended to leave the baking soda in the car for a few days as this should help.

Oops.. sorry – these things happen!

2. Vodka and water in a spray bottle in equal parts acts as an air freshener. As the solution dries, the alcohol carries off the unwanted odors. Leave the windows open to allow it to dry. Let this completely dry and the alcohol smell will certainly go away and the smell should too!

3.  You can also try white vinegar as it acts as an odor remover. Mix it with water in equal parts and spray it in the car, when it dries the smells should be gone or at least not as a noticeable.

4. If you use carpet cleaner and have a wet/dry vacuum, it can easily remove the smells from the fabric of your car. Spray the seats, floorboards, and hatch. Then use the wet/dry vacuum to suck it all up.  This is a great remedy if it was a ‘bigger’ accident.  You can also steam clean the interior which will remove the odors, dirt, and debris. Open all the windows when letting it dry out.

5.  Buy a shampoo for pet stains and urine removal at your local pet store.  Try to buy the cleaners that have enzymes for pet stains that break down the chemical compounds of pet urine and remove the smells.

6. After all of the above, top it off by taking your car to the car wash and get a thorough interior wash.  You can also buy one of the deodorizer scents while you are there to hang on your mirror or place under the dashboard to have a great scent at all times.

While we love taking our dogs with us while we travel or just drive around, sometimes these annoying ‘accidents’ will occur.  But, if you get right on it, the stain and smell should dissipate in a short period of time.

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