Tips To Help A Dog From Peeing When Excited
7 May, 2012

Most dog owners have had to deal with the issue that their dogs pee when they become excited.  It is very common for puppies to do so as they are not as adept at ‘holding it in’ as they learn to manage their physical and emotional being.  They do outgrow this.

However, as some dogs get older, they don’t get past this phase and need a little encouragement and/or help from their owners.  Below are some tips that can help you and your dog with this behavioral issue.

Try to minimize the dominance signals

Try to minimize the dominance signals that you might have established with your dog.  Dogs see reaching over them (like patting on the head), standing over (leaning over), staring directly in the eyes (a challenge) and/or meeting head to head as a typical sign of domination.   You should try to approach your dog from the side or squat down to the same level so he doesn’t feel threatened.  You can also try scratching or petting your dog under his or her chin so he will feel calm and accordingly should not urinate.

Excitement can still be a trigger in older dogs

Excitement can trigger the problem, so when you or someone else greets your dog, make it a calm, gentle action to reduce the tension. You may even have to ignore your dog for the first few minutes when you arrive so the event is downplayed into a non-event.

I’ll try not to pee!

Reward your puppy for good behavior

Reward your puppy for being a good dog when he or she doesn’t pee when excited.   Try to pat him or her under the chin and give him a treat.   It is important for you to keep yourself calm as well so the whole experience is soft and gentle.

Don’t scold or punish your dog for his misbehavior even if it upsets you. This will scare him or her and exacerbate the problem.   Remember that the goal is to make the greeting a joyful but mellow experience that makes your dog feel welcome and not threatened. As your dog becomes comfortable with this more subdued greeting, the urination problem should disappear.

Female dogs often ‘pee’ longer

As mentioned above, puppies tend to pee from excitement and it takes longer for female dogs to learn to control their bladders.  To help your dog with this behavior, you will want to lessen his or her desire to ‘pee’ by employing all of the tactics above.  However, if this issue continues for longer than it should, you should visit your Vet to make sure that the peeing is not a result of a medical issue.

I hope these tips helps and your dog gets over peeing when excited.

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