Tips To Help a Shy Cat Acclimate
18 August, 2012

When you bring your new cat home from a rescue group or adoption agency, he or she can sometimes be very shy.  You never really know what kind of home that your new kitty came from and it might take her or him time to adjust.  But, do not despair; with love and kindness, most cats will come out of their shell.  However, it might take a little time and effort on your part.

Below are some tips to help your cat become more social.

Take the time to sit and pet your shy cat

If your cat runs to a hiding place, like under a sofa or bed, don’t ignore the behavior and accept it.  You need to be proactive.  You should never pull your cat out of the hiding place, but sit in front of it.  Talk to your cat in soothing tones, say his or her name and even put a little mouse or toy that she likes in front of the couch.  And, when she comes out, pet her proudly and say her name.

Give your cat treats

You should always have a supply of your kitty’s favorite treats or toys with you as you talk with your shy one. Offer her or him a piece or two of your treat and your cat will associate your presence with that yummy goodie.  He or she will begin coming out of her hiding place more and more often, establishing a bond with you as you give her what she craves…treats and love! Eventually you will be able to pet your cat without his running to hide.

I will come out of hiding soon!

Be patient with your feline friend

Just remember that bonding and trust can take some time.  Try to be patient with your new cat. If you spend some quality time with your cat every day, the bond between you will grow. But this process can’t be rushed. Depending on just how shy your cat is, it could take anywhere from a few days to a couple of months before he or she trusts you enough to fully interact with you.

Be accepting

You should love your cat just the way he or she is. Shy kitties can become the most loyal of cats, but you can’t expect them to suddenly break out of their shells and become friendly with everyone in all situations. Shy cats usually let down their guard only for a few select people and in quiet situations. They quickly retreat to their hiding place when new people or loud noises are around.  As long as they are happy and have fun with you, that is the end goal anyway.

Good luck with your new cat and with time and patience, he or she will love you unconditionally.

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